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I got an iPod touch for christmas. It had the tiniest little scratch on the screen which didn't seem like a big deal. Flash forward 5 days and it now has a longer scratch and part of it is a crack! I called apple and they said it may or may not be covered under warranty because they don't know how the scratch happened so I have to drve 45 mins to bring it into the store tomorrow. Does anyone have experience with their customer service? I do not want to pay $199 for a repair when that is what the damn thing costs!

Re: iPod...grrr

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    I've had really good experiences with the customer service at the apple store, and actually in different apple stores (one in NYC and one in Boston).  DH let his battery go too dead two times and both times the stores just zapped his ipod with their high power charger and fixed it for free.  Another friend just told me a story how when he was buying his macbook pro this past week, he used a ton of gift cards from the holidays.  However, when he got home he noticed that a $50 one had not been credited even though the salesperson told him it had been.  He called the apple store thinking it was a lost cause, but they actually gave him a credit with hardly any questions asked.  

    Anyway, I hope they'll be as good for you as they have for us.  GL!
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    That's so frustrating.  When I get new toys for Christmas I just want to play!  I've had really good experiences with the Apple store in Natick.
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    I have had nothing but good experiences with Apple - I've had my IPod Touch replaced twice no questions asked. Just explain the situation - They will be more than accommodating!
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