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January 2012 Weddings

Excited/Not as excited

I just made it to Denver.  We still have so much unpacking to do, but I thought I would post on here.
I love chatting with you girls.  I feel a lot more connected with you then I do my local board!  So another poll to liven things up...

What are you most excited about for you wedding? 
Not really excited about?

Mine: Excited: CAKE!  I think I have the best caker in the whole world.  I don't think I have ever had cake that was as good as his.  Oh ya..and marrying my best friend.  hehe

Least excited: My FMIL.  She ALWAYS takes the spotlight with something or other.  My guest is that she will be weeping all day (she tends to do that a lot). and people will be comforting her. 

Re: Excited/Not as excited

  • Most Excited: The fact that I get to wear my dress all day! Of course I'm excited about that now but I may rethink the excitement after 3 hours in it lol.

    Least Excited: The dancing lol I really cannot dance, ok well maybe I can but I feel like a total goof ball doing it.

    PS Congrats on your move! You'll get settled in before you know it I too feel more of a connection to the girls on here then on my local board. I just wish we all had the time to post more often!
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  • Most excited: marrying my fh n being surrounded by family n tradition like jumping the broom Least excited: dancing kinda shy when it comes to that Congrats on your move I'm new on this site but I enjoy reading the posts,
  • haha I am excited to wear my dress all day too.  I love love love my dress.  Its so hard not to share every detail about it to FI. 

    I giggle at the dancing comments-because my dancing is really bad, but I just dance anyways and people laugh so hard at me.  I probably should be not excited to dance.
  • Most excited: Obviously to finally be married and living with fiance (we don't live togeher yet) AND seeing everything come together that i've been trying to plan and make and what not...

    Least: Okay well, so you don't think I'm rude and crazy....lets start by saying, I'm super excited to see everyone and have all of our guests there BUT my FI family is HUGE and if most of them can make it, i will have no idea who a majority of the people at my wedding are. haha I've met a lot of them but only once and also have NOT met a very large amount. I also do NOT like to be center of attention, so especially when it's from a group that big....we have 275 on our invite list. YIKES!
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  • How exicting that you are in Denver. We are moving there in a month or two. How do you like it?

    Most excited: To be married to FH and have all of the family together.

    Least: Freezing to death since it's outside in the mountains in the snow in CO. I think I might have a hot chocolate bar for the guests.
  • Most Excited- Having all of our family and friends there. We only have about 85 people so we should have a chance to talk and celebrate with all of them. It always seems like our friends are too busy for us. Everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives. This is a day where everyone will put their lives aside to celebrate for us!

    Least-  The fear of my family fighting. My oldest brother is a bit like an Asperger's kid. He has STRONG opinions and loves to speak his mind but he can EXPLODE when he hears something he doesn't agree with. He is 38 years old but he can not control his temper. I want to give him something ahead of time that will insure he will be calm. I'm going to look into a natural supplement that he can take that morning.
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  • Its good.  Its been cool the past couple days.  We are living right outside of Denver in a suburb.  If you read my confessions, I talk about hating my apt but thats all really.  I love the mountains.  Its hard when I don't know anyone and I am from a very small town (1,200 ppl) and I move to a HUGE city.  You should join the Denver local board.  They talked about having a GTG soon. 
  • Thanks it will be fun to have a gtg and meet some new people.
  • Excited - Dancing, Dress, Family, and Hubby!!!!!

    Not Excited - My FMIL does not like how I want to plan things, she always rolls her eyes and gives her opinions.  She also is not helping with money in anyway.  My fiancé, my parents, and I are paying for everything from rehearsal, ceremony, reception, honeymoon, attire, food, etc.........

    Also the only thing I have done is a dress!! I do not know where to begin.
  • Oh the joys of FMILS!!!
  • Excited- getting to be married!

    Not so excited- being the center of attention!
  • Ah, denver...i have never lived there, but i'ts such a great place to visit! :) I love CO. :)

    EXCITED: Umm...to get our E-pics done and have an entire day with FI out of the house! :) he's a homebody, so this will be a HUGE chage of pace..i ahve already told him he's not allowed to ask if we can leave an hour into the reception! haha.

    NOT excited: I know it's strange, but I am not excited about dress shopping. And my family is being really weird and distant about my wedding preparations...so it's kind of sucking the fun out of things. But really, I knew it would be this way, so I just need to move on and have FUN!! :)

    OMg, I just realized i really sound like a drama queen with all my issues. :) But seriously, my FMIL has been SUPER cool and we have really bonded, so that's a TOTAL Bonus!
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