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No Accountability Friday!!!

Hey everyone!

I know there's no one around, so this is officially "No Accountability Friday" - cue happy music!!!

Calories don't count, food is all full-fat, and every mirror is flattering!

Enjoy (for Monday, we begin anew)!!!
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Re: No Accountability Friday!!!

  • haha, that made me smile (and since I'm pretty much the only person at my job who's at work today because of the holiday, I could use a smile!).

    So I know this isn't accountability, but I wanted to drop in and report/brag that my race yesterday went SO WELL!!  It was beautiful weather (which never happens in Ohio in November!) and there were about 10,000 runners so it was a great atmosphere.  My goal was to finish the 5 miles in under 45 minutes/9 minute mile pace.  And I'm happy to report I average 8:50 miles, which is pretty good for me!!  It was a great way to start the day, though I definitely ate it all back and more at Thanksgiving dinner, but it was worth it!!

    Have a great day!!
  • Congrats, Choagie - that's awesome!

    I wish I was a runner. I attempted it last spring, but I have knee issues, so I didn't push it. I'm not sure if I just wimped out and could have pushed past it, or if I would have done some damage. I'm still thinking that I'll try again after the winter.

    And Xcal, account away! If I'd done anything worthy of reporting, I'd totally be posting about that too!
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