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Rehersal Dinner

Has anyone decided on what they will be doing for the rehersal dinner?  We can't seem to decide on what to eat.  All we know is that we will stay at our church for dinner.  Ideas would be wonderful!!

Re: Rehersal Dinner

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    we r having just the bridal party, their families, and our parents at rehersal.  we gotta talk to his parents about it for sure, but we would like to have it at his dad and step-mom's house.  they have a fire pit to cook smores and hot dogs on, and we've thought about throwing some burgers on the grill. we'll also have some kind of salad probably to go along with it and chips. nothing fancy, just something fun.  everybody is going to be very stressed by that point, so we agreed that something fun and relaxing was important to us, something that could be done cheaply and with little effort.  i suggest that u do the same; if i were you i would do something that doesn't take much effort, unless u r going to have somebody cater it for u.
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    We are having ours in my parents back yard because it is only 5 blocks from the church.
    We are decorating our reception site that night so I wanted something quick and easy.
    We are just having sandwiches...chips...fruit and veggie trays...ice cream sundays
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    We actually thought of just having burgers and hot dogs!  I totally agree with something just fun and easy.  Thank you for input!
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    ice cream! what a brilliant idea!  (especially if it's homemade mmmmm...)
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    Hahaha...I spelled sundaes wrong! Oops!
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