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Nevada-Las Vegas

Car Rental question... from Vegas to California

Wondering if anyone has rented or will be renting a car while in Vegas??  Particularly anyone who is planning on renting in Vegas and traveling elsewhere with it... say like LA????  We are trying to rent a vehicle to take us from Vegas to LA for our honeymoon cruise, but most rental places charge you $200 dollars for "one way" car rental and that includes a RIDICULOUS drop off charge because you are not returning the car to where you are renting it from.  Anyone have any secrets to getting around this?  Right now we want to rent a large SUV because it is me and my FI... along with another couple needing to go to LA.  Any help would be fantastic!!!

Re: Car Rental question... from Vegas to California

  • GribblesGribbles member
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    We are renting a car for the 5 days we are in Vegas as we have so much running around / picking things up / dropping things off to do.

    On our last day we are swapping it for an intermeditae SUV, and driving across to L.A. I thought car rental companies had agreements in place not to charge one-way hire between Nevada and California.

    We booked ours through Holiday Autos website.

    Our in-laws are using the Dollar website to book the same as us, and I don't think it was going to add any fees on...
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    Hmm.. good question. I know that there are a lot of turnaround busses that come from CA and go to Vegas almost daily. Most of them are free- the hotels pay for them to bring people. I dont know what they are called though, and I also dont know if you could take them one way. Just search "daily busses from los angeles to vegas"

    The only other option would be to fly in to LAX, rent the car and drive in to Vegas. When my family flies from overseas, they say it is much cheaper to fly in to LAX than Vegas (I live right in the middle between them). But also keep in mind it will probably be a 4 hour drive from LA I think. It would be a nice road trip for you and your FI! And you also have the added cost of the rental car for your entire stay for your wedding.

    It really sucks that places tack on extra charges because they know you will have to pay them in the end!! grr

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    Try looking at Jetblue. I assume that your cruise would leave out of Long Beach. You could fly into LGB. When Jetblue has their sale it's usually $19 each way. And they don't charge for 1st piece of luggage. Even when not on sale it's $50ish
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    Found a bus that does the trip. $68 to Anaheim. The drop off is down the street from Disney. It's maybe a 25/30 minute ride to the cruise terminals from there. (one again assuming you are leaving out of Long Beach)


  • bcschumanbcschuman member
    edited December 2011
    Awesome!  Thank you!  I need to check with the other couple but with all the info given, hopefully we can work something out that is cost effective!!! yay!
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    Yea, those fee are ridiculous! They range from 130 to 230 depending on the company just for returning the car to a different location. We were originally going to rent a car in Vegas, drive to LA and spend a couple days there, then drive to Sonoma and spend a couple days there, return the car in Oakland and take a flight back to Philly from Oakland.

    The price of renting a car is the SAME price as 2 plane tickets from Vegas to Oakland AND renting a car for a couple of days in Sonoma - which is what we are doing now.

    270 for a rental car for 4 days = 2 plane tickets to oakland and a rental car for 4 days (just because we are returning it at the same location)
  • smokeybaileysmokeybailey member
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    Fly...check jet blue and southwest.  If you are flexible with the dates in and out, you can get a bargain.

    Jet Blue flies into Long Beach which is close to both the port of Long Beach and Los Angeles so for a cruise, it's more convenient.
    Now with more wedded bliss.

    I don't get married often, but when I do, I do it in Las Vegas.


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  • bcschumanbcschuman member
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    I wish we had flexibility... we have to be in LA/Long Beach by 3 on the day of the cruise and am very concerned about delayed flights and so forth.  I had a friend that missed his cruise last year because of a flight problem:(.  I know it is only a 45 minute flight probably but that is my one big hang up.  With two couples splitting the cost of a rental car... it will make it cheaper for us and fun (never been to California) and I am a road trip person. 

    I am watching Jet Blue and some other airlines that do crazy deals.  If I can get a flight for $19... I can have a few cocktails to help me get over my fear of delays! :)
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