napa girls... i have questions!

i am new to the knot! hello all!

i live in cincinnati, but am getting married in napa. very small, 20 ppl total. please please please give me your:

1 - photography and videography recco's (who are the best in this area?)

2 - reception/ceremony venues. would like everything in one spot. and would prefer to stay at the location for a weekend. whats the story on churchill manor?

3 - thinking of having our wedding dinner at french laundry. thoughts?

4 - flowers???

thanks for all the help!


Re: napa girls... i have questions!

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    Hey Rach!

    I'm from Milwaukee WI and am also having my wedding in Napa. We booked our venue at The White House Inn & Spa - there is an onsite wedding coordinator (included in the price) - she is AMAZING! Also included in the full price is photographer, officiant, etc. Take a look at their website:

    Wedding dinner at French Laundry would be out of this world, however the expense might be a bit much (unless you're willing to spend that). If you're a foodie like we are, I would suggest the CIA (Culinary Institute) but there are TONS of other food options out there. We're having our reception/dinner at TraVigne which has some great reviews.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with :)

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