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Hey Ladies!!

So NY (along with NJ and CT) has declared a state of emergency!  They are shutting down the MTA (nyc's subway and bus system) at 7pm tonight and the Mayor already announced that schools are closed tomorrow.  I have no idea if the subways will be running tomorrow, if they aren't there is a possibility that I will not have to go into work.  FI is a teacher so he's off tomorrow.  I hope we can all stay safe during this storm, but if I do get a day off from work it would be an extra study day for me so I'll take it!  It would be a perfect time to finish some wedding projects if I had any, lol!

If any of you are in this storms path, BE SAFE!!

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Re: Hey Ladies!!

  • Be safe lasies! I am from FL and hurricanes are usually not too bad. Hope everyone just gets

    an extra day off!
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  • That photo, lol!!  I hope the same Brite! Thanks!!

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  • Hope everyone stays safe! It's just windy and chilly down here. 
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  • Stay safe ladies!
  • Yea I left my house to go to a friends since I have a bridge and every hurricane we tend to lose parts of the driveway.  I am directly in the worst part of the storms path so we are doing best to stay safe.  What is even crazier is that my old college evacuated the entire campus and made people find new places to stay or go home entirely.  This storm better be worth all the trouble! and not hurt anything or anyone 
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  • Nic, MTA shut down everything,.. Enjoy your day off tomorrow! As for my job... Nope, business as usual! (seriously, wtf! What's "usual" about boarded up windows and sandbags in front of you job?) Anyway, I work in jersey and have to cross the bridge so I'm hoping that they close it before midnight!!! I can really use another day off for wedding projects since I won't have one till the weekend and we leave in the weeee hours of the morning next tues! Ahhh Stay safe ladies! Hope to be able to chat with you ladies while I'm not working tomorrow (fingers crossed)!
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