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Hello friends,
We are looking for awesome, respectful, delicious yummy catering in Denver for our July 2012 wedding.  We would love Italian or something close to it. 
Any suggestions?  Either a restaurant who does catering or a catering company.
Also DJ recommendations!!  Please!  thank you beautiful brides!!

Re: Catering in Denver

  • JessieR933JessieR933 member
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    I have no recs on food but for djs...

    I loved my DJ. Damian from Sweet sounds entertainment. 

    Super nice and did a great job. Price was also fantastic. 

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    I would recommend The Gourmet Kitchen in Arvada. My husband and I were going to go with Gourmet Kitchen, but in the end he protested that full-service catering was too much money, and we had a restaurant cater our wedding reception. Nevertheless, I called a large number of caterers, and Madhoo, owner of Gourmet Kitchen, was the only one who was willing to work with our budget--she came up with a well-priced proposal very promptly. We also did a taste-testing there and really enjoyed. So I wanted to recommend Gourmet Kitchen to somebody. Here's the website:


  • SayMHSayMH member
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    And Gourmet Kitchen can definitely do Italian--we would have gone with chicken marsala.
  • kittyshapleekittyshaplee member
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    For food, there are some amazing restaurants in Denver that will, of course cater special events.  However, this list of Denver wedding caterers is fully approved by the White List and will provide excellent service and a perfect dining experience for you and your guests.  Check out their site to learn more and see what kind of options and menus most appeal to your tastes!
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    Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck is a great option! They serve Vietnamese Inspired cuisine and offer a HUMUNGOUS menu! They're my favorite food truck, because you know you're getting top-quality food for drive-thru prices. Everything is totally fresh and practically prepared the night before!
  • Ok... this is kind of catering 101 I guess. I'm just getting going on planning. The knot's budgeter is recommending $50/person... That seems outrageous!!! How do caterers make bids? Do they do it per person or do they bid the whole dinner?

    I think I'm looking for a buffet style menu for $25 or less per person. Am I dreaming?

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