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Happy Halloween Everyone! 

It feels so good to be out of the house and back at work today!  I was catching some serious cabin fever at home! 

B - yogurt, berries and 1/2 banana and granola
S - apple
L - salad with chicken, chick peas, pepper, carrots, sunflower seeds and oil & vinegar
S - almonds
D - hoagie night at my sisters (we go every year on Halloween to see the kids and it is my dad's birthday!) Gonna try my best to stick with plain turkey and NO candy! wish me luck :):)

WO - either Spin class or run, run ,run on the treadmill!  I am in need of a good cardio/sweat session!!
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Re: Accountability

  • Hi!

    L-non-breaded chicken tenders, salad with light italian dressing
    S-granola bar
    D-not sure yet. I'm thinking Chicken Tortilla Soup

    WO- boot camp! I'm soooo not feeling it today so it is good that I have an actual class. lol
  • Hi girls!

    B: nothing (seriously need to break this habit of not eating in the morning)
    L: Leftover brunswick stew and apple pie (so counts as a fruit!)
    D: not sure, as long as I can avoid the Halloween candy temptation. I'm thinking asparagus risotto if I have the rice.

    WO: run, run run. 
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