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sooo here's the deal. i definitely want a videogrpaher but i haven't really liked what i have seen from some of the obx videographers; it's just not my style. i really love the cinematic approach.

that being said - i am blown away by how expensive the packages are! the videographers i have looked at that are not local to obx start the package at 4k and that's mainly for ceremony only coverage. i can't justify spending 4k on a 30 minute ceremony.

do you guys have any recommendaitons?? my budget is 4k but i would love 8 hours of coverage. obviously i get that i might have to be flexible - i just can't be spending crazy money.

here's an example of what i'm looking for:

this is from inkspot crow - great videos

Re: videographer help

  • Have you looked into Julie Dreelin?  Or finding someone who does a combo video/photography deal?  I think her stuff is very artistic and she offers different film formats. 
    image June 22, 2012
  • i love her stuff. i ended up getting in contact with matt lusk because she was just out of our budget.

    however - this was before my fiance said he wanted a videographer...maybe i should check her prices and reconsider.

    how many hours is long enough for videography?
  • Benny Balwin is great. I know he is under your budget (I can't remember exactly how much) for the whole day.  His stuff looks really great his website and youtube.  I met with him and he also has a great personality.  I would have used him but having a videographer just didn't fit into our budget.  

  • thanks s.cruz

    i do like benny, he was one of the first vidoegraphers i looked up. he has great stuff- i was just hoping to go in a different direction style wise.

    here's a link to a video i love and what i'm going for :

    if i can't find someone in my budget, i will definitely go with benny.
  • I am using Genevieve Stewart for photography/videography.  In the end we will basically have a 5 minute dvd summing up the day which is all that I really wanted.  They basically switch to video during important parts of the day.  Maybe something to look into!
  • i love genevieve stewart as well!

    i actually ended up reaching out to the people who created the video i posted - they quoted me an excellent price, so i think i'm going to go with them.

    thank you for all of your help!
  • Hey karistiz,
    Here is some of my work from 2012. I would love to get in touch and talk about my video services. 

    My website:
    Cinematic Wedding Videographer
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