HELP! My fiance wants this to be our first dance song!

Hey Knotties!!

My fiance wants "Stand by Me" by Ben E King to be our first dance song. I am not a fan. I wanted us to dance to something less modern, and overused. I wanted maybe a nice alternative rock sone (we both listen to that) or a cute country song.

He has been very easy in planning and "going with the flow" so I almost feel like I owe it to him to let him have this, but I know I will remember this dance the rest of my life and this is not how I pictured it!

Advice, Please!

Re: HELP! My fiance wants this to be our first dance song!

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    My advice would be to have a conversation with your FI
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    I had the same situation.  My fiance wanted to use the very first song we ever danced to, which is Duran Duran's Ordinary World.  It's a pretty song, but if you listen to the words it's really depressing.  And I too felt like I kinda owed him the ability to at least pick out the song, but I really didn't want to dance to a depressing song, especially the first song as man and wife.  I finally was honest with my fiance and said that I didn't think it was a song that really reflected us as a coulpe and it wasn't something I wanted to remember as our first dance, but it didn't meant that it couldn't be a part of the reception and most importantly that we should BOTH like the song.  So we ended up finding a song we both really liked as our first dance and we are going to play Ordinary World as the last song of the night so it's still somewhat special.
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    Just talk with your fiance, that's the joys of marriage...compromise. :)
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