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Friday QOTD

Wow, this week went fast for me!  What's going on this weekend?

Re: Friday QOTD

  • Tonight: Just relaxing
    Tomorrow: Cleaning out the refrigerator and going to see Brave at the movie theatre.
    Sunday: Church, relax, church.
  • Tonight: Work until midnight.
    Tomorrow: Errands (running to JoAnn and Bed Bath & Beyond), seeing Brave, finishing a Pinterest project, baking banana muffins.
    Sunday: Church, cleaning in preparation for the in-laws to visit the week after next.
  • FI and I are playing house for the next week! He took today off so we are just lounging around the house. We're going to the movies tonight. :)

    Saturday: having a few friends over to watch the season finale of our current favorite show.

    Sunday: nothing planned!

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  • Friday: DH and I are going to dinner with one of the nurses he works with.
    Saturday: Writing.  I have two papers due a week from today.
    Sunday: ??  Hopefully DH will have time to put the the last shelves up in the pantry by then, and I can reorganize.  Reading In Her Shoes.
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  • Tonight-Tomorrow: Maning the fort lol. Which was a terrible idea since I'm completely paranoid about being alone now.

    Sunday: Church.
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  • My Mom, Grandma, and youngest sister are coming over. We're going to go with my FI and meet with the caterer. Then us girls are all going to lunch and to see the new Disney Pixar movie Brave. So fun!
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    Tonight - nothing

    Tomorrow - nothing

    Sunday - maybe lunch with my family, lol

    DH has a take-home final exam due on Monday, so I'll be hanging out reading and playing games all weekend while he works on that.
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  • Tonight-- Making caramelized onions for the first time right now! (they are H's favorite), having simple sandwiches for dinner cause it is too hot to cook, meeting our friend for Pinkberry and then she is coming back to sleepover cause she is having some roommate issues and needs a night away. 
    Tomorrow-- Relaxing!
    Sunday-- Church in the park this week!, then maybe hanging around for the church picnic for a bit then up to my mom's house to meet with my aunt and her to get bridal shower invites together for my cousin's shower in July.
  • Tonight I'm waiting for my son to get back from his golf practice/lesson so we can got up to the FI's for the weekend ...

    2morrow we will go in search of tuxs ... Yay and also hit up the Christian bookstore ... And i have no idea what else...

    Sunday - church and dropping off my son at camp for the week ... And then back to relax before work on Monday where I give my 2 and or 3 week notice ! YAY !!  I will be less busy with work next week and child free... woo hoo !!
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  • Friday - I had a planning meeting for my summer program and then I got a facial.  Tonight I'm headed to my friends house for dinner with her and her fiance and her two kids, then to her oldest's baseball game.

    Saturday - early morning heading out to see the venue with a bride I'm DOCing for in July.  Afternoon, probably sit around and read.

    Sunday - weight watchers in the morning (I'm down 10 pounds, yeah!), then turning the guest dog back over to her owner.  In the evening we'll be attending the wedding of the aforementioned friend and fiance.
  • Working at the library this weekend :)
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  • Today - women's group at my MIL's.

    Tomorrow - housework, washing the cars, video games, dictations

    Sunday - church and lunch with some friends I haven't seen in a while
  • I'm late on this, but...

    Friday we cleaned the house, I picked up my cousin who is in town visiting and she, H and I went out to dinner and then she slept over. 

    Today she helped me make fruit salad and cookies for my bro's grad party tomorrow. Then we all went swimming. Then H and I went to church and had a meeting after for the middle school program we volunteer with at church. 

    Tomorrow we have the middle school program at church. Then my aunt's surprise 60th bday party and my brother's grad party. Busy weekend! 
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