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Steaming... Part of Alterations?

So I found a dress I LOVE at Bridal Connection in Ankeny. Three things surprised me about it: 1) I never thought I'd really get excited over a dress because I'm just not that kind of person, but I've been finding myself thinking about it since the first time I tried it on, 2) I never thought I'd WANT to spend a lot of money on a dress... I just couldn't wrap my mind around spending so much on something for one day of my life, but I looooove this dress, 3) it's more of a ball gown and I've never worn a dress like this or even thought I would like one. OK so, the ONLY problem with it: it's much more than I wanted to spend. I asked the owner if we could do any sort of negotiation and she kept saying that she really doesn't hike her prices up like other places do and that Justin Alexander gives her a price and she really can't go below that. She said that she could help me save money on things that she could control, though, like a veil and shoes or steaming and a veil. She said veils can run up to $250 so that would save me a lot, but I'm not even wanting a veil (MAYBE a bird cage veil, which is $85 there). She said for this dress (style 8483), it would probably be around $200 to steam so that would save me a ton. I got to thinking, though... wouldn't steaming be a part of the alterations? I guess I figured they would steam it after altering it but was wondering what everyone else thought? The dress is $1,350 there and I just want to know if it's all worth it. Any other ideas of what I could ask of her?

Thanks so much!!

Re: Steaming... Part of Alterations?

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    Have you tried looking for the dress somewhere else to compare the price, or looking for a dress that is similar but not priced as high?  I guess the question is, do you want to/can you spend that much on the dress alone?  If that is the cost of the dress, you have to think that alterations will be another couple hundred on top of that.  I'm with you on the steaming thing, I would think that should be included.  Something to consider if you want that dress, but maybe dont want to pay their prices for alterations is to take it to someone else for alterations.  Anna's Tailor Shop in Ankeny does alterations on wedding gowns.  I have seen them in there before.  Good Luck!  I know how hard it is once you have your mind set on a dress.  I did the same thing with my dress.  I didn't want to pay that much, but I couldn't find anything else I wanted more.
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    Sorry - the places I shopped all charged extra for steaming.  It was not included in my alterations.  
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