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I'm so bummed out right now....
Number 1 I'm starting to let the stress get to me....
I'm also coming up on that time of the month so that doesn't help
I found out one of my close cousins isn't coming down for the wedding.  I just went up to her a month ago and I'm just so bummed.  We are so little on time and we have moving and wedding things to get done and FI is Umpiring on top of working a 45 hour work week so that we have extra money for the honeymoon.  I'm at the point where I can't wait until its all over.  I had big dreams too that I was going to have the condo painted and pretty much set up before we leave for the honeymoon but FI brought me back to reality.  So everything just seems so BLAH...I don't feel like working although I have quite a bit to do here too before I leave for 2 and half weeks. 

I should be so excited....my bachelorette and lingerie parties are this weekend. 
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Re: Bummed

  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    Have fun at your parties. 

    Don't stress too much.  And don't try to get anything that is not wedding related done before the wedding.  That stuff can wait.  You've already got a lot on  your plate already.
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    Yeah my MOH told me its a rule tomorrow for everyone to leave the stress at the door tomorrow night and we have to have fun and let loose.  We have to move FI out of the house and get it cleaned and fixed up before the wedding because we have renters moving in June 1 (while we are on the honeymoon).  Our focus is WEDDING first, then packing and moving and getting the house in order.  It's doable I just need to stay calm and no more procrastinating even a little with my tv shows.  I have a car load I got at lunch and we will be doing wedding and moving this weekend the out of towners are ok with that.   

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    213 Invited 145 yes and 68 no RSVP Date April 15
  • LouWho19LouWho19 member
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    Just take lots of deep breaths and picture your honeymoon.  Maybe that'll help you get through the next few weeks :) Kudos to you & your hard-working fiance!
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