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Is it true...

...that you aren't supposed to use any wedding gifts until after your wedding? 

I hadn't thought about it until reading it somewhere on here a while back. Now that we finally registered it got me thinking. I completely understand the thought process, you shouldn't use gifts in case the wedding falls through and then you can return them. Which then gets me wondering what you do once you return them, give the store credit you will inevitably get back to the person who bought you the gift? 

Friends who recently got married had someone buy them a juicer that was lower-end than the one they registered for so they returned it and used the store credit towards the one they really wanted. They were juicing things a year before the wedding. 

What are your thoughts? Anyone out there already used some registry gifts or are you hiding them away until after its official?

Re: Is it true...

  • I always thought if the wedding fell through you would return the gifts as is in case the giver kept the receipt.
  • Tradition says that they are "wedding" gifts.  Until you have the wedding, you shouldn't use them.  There is also the fear of bad karma causing bad luck......
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  • You shouldn't use them that way you return the exact gift to the gift giver if the wedding does not take place.  Some girls follow the advice but most people that I know used the gifts the day they got them.  If you do use them just be prepared to purchase new gifts to return to guests if the wedding doesn't take place.

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  • I totally used mine before the wedding...  My home is small and there just wasn't anywhere to put piles of boxes of pots and pans and dishes other than in the kitchen cabinets where they belong. 

    But, you aren't supposed to, in case you need to return them. 
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    If the wedding didn't happen, you'd return the gift to the actual giver, not to the store.  Then they can return it for store credit or keep it or re-gift it or tell you to just keep it.

    As long as you are prepared to re-purchase and return the gifts in the worse case scenario, you can get away with it.  Just keep it to yourself that you're already using it.

    Some say it's bad luck also, but I don't put much stock in luck.  
  • The only wedding gift we have received that we have used is the kitchen shears.  A few days after we got them our shears snapped.  I figure if for some reason the wedding doesn't happen (not like I plan on that happening) that I can repurchase the shears to return them to the giver.

    I personally don't want to to start using gifts until after the wedding, cause I love the idea of cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and putting an entire brand new set of dishes, glasses, etc. in it.
  • Yes, you would need to return them directly to the giver, not to the store. 
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  • We used almost all of our gifts before our wedding. No big deal, especially if you are pretty confident that you are actually going to have a wedding, especially when you have already committed thousands by the time your shower takes place. Worst case scenario is that you an just repurchase the gifts and give them back to the giver, or give them cash, if your wedding does get cancelled. Does this really happen often? I heard of it once in my group of friends, but everyone saw it coming!
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