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Ceremony in the same location as reception???

As most of our guests are out of town/or different country, would it be tacky to have our ceremony in the same building as our reception? We would have everyone seated at their tables and escorted appropriately. About 90% of our guests do not live in the rural town we will be married in.

We do not want to be tacky but efficient. We would prefer our ceremony to be short anyway! Help!!

Re: Ceremony in the same location as reception???

  • Not tacky at all. in fact alot of people are doing this now. FI and I are having both in the same venue. Its easier and location we picked is beautiful
  • We are having this too for our wedding. They have an outdoor ceremony area(it's beautiful) and a gorgeous ballroom for the reception. It's definitely a lot easier and less of a hassle, since 70% of our guests will be OOT.

  • My DD this, and I thought it was terrific.  Once we were there, we enjoyed the ceremony, and then the guests moved right into the cocktail hour.  And because it was a golf club with guest rooms, many of the guests stayed there after the reception as well and enjoyed breakfast together the next morning.  GL
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    We're having both the ceremony and reception at the same place, and old revamped movie theatre. It has a stage, and the rooms were the projector used to be is now the bridal suite, so I'm getting dressed there. I think it is not only easier, but also nicer for your guests not to have to find two different places. I went to an out of town wedding last weekend, and they had their reception at a separate place than the wedding, and we got so lost! I think it's really nice that you are concerned with your guests needs.
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  • Our's is in the same place too.  The ceremony will be outside in a gazebo (unless it rains) & the reception will be inside the venue.
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  • ours are in the same place, but in two diffrent rooms. I know ppl who have had it all in one room, and it was not bad at all!
  • Not tacky at all.  It's very convenient, especially if majority of your guests are OOT.  The way I read this, guests would be seated at their tables before ceremony.  If that's the case, keep in mind that the centerpieces could affect their view.  Our ceremony and reception are in the same room but we will have access outside of the room to have cocktail hour.  We are paying a $250 fee to have the venue rearrange the room during cocktail hour. 
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  • What on earth would be wrong with it?
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  • Not tacky at all.  We are having our wedding at a country club and the reception is on site also. 
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