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Disneyland Engagement Photos

Hi ladies! I am interested in having our engagement photos taken at Disneyland... has anybody done this? If so, I would love some suggestions as to great photographers, or your favorite picture spot. Thanks!
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Re: Disneyland Engagement Photos

  • We are going with choltphotography.com. Chris and Gina are great! At our meeting, we had asked about Disneyland being one of our locations to shoot. They were more than excited and mentioned they had annual passes so it wouldn't be a problem at all! They mentioned a few sights in Disneyland that they loved and knew of that would be amazing. Hope this helps!
  • This photog did an engagement at Disney. I'm sure he would know since he's been there before =)


  • For sure! I'll let you. Know what we decide on :D
  • A little late to the convo, but I'd still like to add in. ^_^

    We had our engagement photos done in both Disneyland and CA Adventure. Such a blast! Our photographers, Troy & Aimee Grover, have passes so it was no problem getting them there.  

    Feel free to look at our shots if you'd like any inspiration:

    Clients > Engagements > Kaitlin & Tyler > P: agee
    July 24, 2010
  • KT, thank you! I did take a look at your engagement photos - they are great! I especially loved the ones taken at the Grand Californian (my FI proposed there so they were good inspiration since I definitely want some pics there) and you can't go wrong with castle pics. :)
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  • Hey guys! 

    I was also thinking of having an engagement session at Disneyland since many of mine and my fiance's first year of dating was spent there :) 

    I came across these photographer through pinterest who does incredible work! They even did shots at Disneyland's World of Color (great idea!)

    Here is their work incase anyone wants to get any ideas for their engagement:
  • samanthachi, thanks for sharing! I absolutely love the World of Color shot and also the one in front of Main Street Cinema. 

    As an update to my post: it turns out that we WILL be getting our engagement photos done at Disney. :) We entered into a giveaway for a free engagement photo session with Gavin Farrington, an amazing photographer based in Hollywood  (http://www.gavinfarrington.com/) and we won!!! When I proposed the Disney idea Gavin got really excited and said he has long dreamed of shooting there. Our shoot is on the 28th and I will let you all know how it goes!
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  • We used A Shutter in Time Photography for both our enagement and our wedding and loved everything they did.  Melody is so artistic that location is not a problem.  Check them out...  www.ashutterintimephotography.com
  • Hi ladies, do you have any idea what is the price range for the Disneyland engagement package?  I am from Canada and I am wondering if that will fit into my budget.  Thanks.
  • Hi there ladies,

    Just an update on my previous posts.  We decided to not do our engagement photos at Disneyland with our photographer, but now I am bummed and wish that we did.  They recently did a session there and the photos were even better than i knew they would be.    

    Hope this helps and good luck to everyone.  

    BTW - Chels&Jimmy - your photos were awesome!

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