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Reception in 2013

I am planning my wedding for early 2013 (Feb, Mar or April). We are on a TIGHT budget. $5,000 is our budget for EVERYTHING. I have been looking over and over for venues for our reception that are affordable for our budget. We really want a venue that will allow us to bring in our own alcohol as we plan to make our own wine and beer. The places in particular that I have looked at and am considering are Bayside Boardwalk and the Ward Pavilion in Wildwood Preserve. We are expecting around 100 people. I want something elegant and beautiful but inexpensive...I know this doesn't seem possible, but I am hoping for suggestions.

I appreciate any help!

Re: Reception in 2013

  • akirkenakirken member
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    Check out the lodge at strawberry acres park in holland. I'm not sure if you are looking for a caterer as well but I'd reccommend Special Occasions catering (upper sandusky area but will travel). We are doing ours for around the same budget. Good Luck!
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  • msbdumasmsbdumas member
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    im having my wedding at wildwood in the ward pavilion..it is very nice in there and it has fireplace inside..that would go great during the time of year ur getting married..you can bring your own food and liquor and also if u get a membership there you will get a discount on the cost of renting the space. good luck! 
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  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    We had our reception at Bayside Boardwalk and I would happy to answer any questions that you have.  Overall, we were VERY happy with our experience.  We really loved the staff and the experience that they gave us.  We, too, planned for 100 people when we started looking and ended up with about 85ish in attendance.

    We were also on a budget and looked at several halls.  I felt like the majority that we could afford resembled a high school cafeteria.  I really thought that this place offered a little extra oomph and I liked the look of the big bar.

    I will tell you that the food was FANTASTIC.  Our families still talk about how great the food was and it's been almost 2 years.  (Not kidding!)

    We liked the fact that they allowed us to bring our own alcohol as we really saved a lot of money this way.  Later in the evening, we were running low on one of our kinds of liquor and one of the bartenders went out and purchased more for us.  They really were great.

    We were allowed to go in and decorate the day before for multiple hours and they didn't mind at all.

    If you choose to go with them for their cake, be VERY specific about what you want.  Everything tasted good and it looked good, but it didn't really look like what I asked for.  That is really the only complaint I can think of.

    We also strongly considered the Ward Pavillion as I initially wanted to have the ceremony at Wildwood.  We ended up deciding that it was too small when we figured seating for 100 people, a dance floor, a cake table, a gift area, a DJ and their equipment, etc.  I did not want everyone to feel like they were sitting on top of each other.  I think Bayside Boardwalk is a much better size for the amount of guests you're planning to invite.

    I do have some pictures in my bio if you're interested in seeing some from the reception.  I do think it is very reasonable to plan a wedding for $5k at this location if you are reasonable in other areas.  As long as you are okay with printing your own invitations, having minimal flowers, choosing a more simple dress, etc., you'll be fine.  Have a blast and good luck planning!

    When you narrow down the venue and date, these ladies are a great resource for other vendors.  I found some of my most favorite and least expensive vendors from other ladies on this board!

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    If you have you wedding in February there are probably several places that will give you a discount just because it is considered the off season.  I don't know any off the top of my head, but it's something to consider.
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