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Iowa-Des Moines

country/rustic locations- Des Moines

Hey Ladies,

I would love to do an outside ceremony and then have the reception in a barn or other rustic venue. I have looked at Stonehaven in DeSoto, and plan on checking out Living History Farms and the barn in Johnston. Other than that, any other ideas for doing something kind of classic country around Des Moines?


Re: country/rustic locations- Des Moines

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    what about winterset? i know some people do "covered bridge" weddings but theyve also been closing a lot of the bridges down.
    living history farms would be good but it's kinda gimmicky too. i dont know anything else thats really country farm.. but its iowa!
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    The lodges at Lake Ahquabi (south of DSM), Walnut Woods, and Jester Park (both in/near the city) are pretty awesome.  They're rustic, but maybe not necessarily "country."

    You could also check out the wineries around DSM.  We looked at Snus Hill, and the venue was pretty nice overall.  I especially liked the outdoor space, but they're pretty limited on how many people they can accommodate outdoors.  Here's a link that tells about a bunch of Iowa wineries:  http://www.catchwine.com/wineries/iowa/

    Good luck!  :-)
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    most counties have a county historical complex; my county has a barn, church, schoolhouse, firehouse, trainstation watch house, house, and saud house. it is only a couple acres big, so it's much smaller than living history farms, but people have weddings at our historical complex all the time. i'm sure there is some place near des moines that is similar to that.
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    I don't know if you've found anything or not, but I'm looking to do something similar and a co-worker of mine just suggested this place: http://www.whiterockconservancy.org/documents/WeddingInfo.pdf. It's over by Coon Rapids--that may be getting a bit far for you, but I've heard very nice things and we are currently considering them. Good luck!
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    If you're still looking, there's a barn (Celebration Barn, I believe it's called) between Norwalk and Cumming in Warren County, just south of Des Moines.
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    Thanks ladies!! I'll check into these!
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