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Bridesmaid hair and make-up

Is it the brides responsibility to pay for all of the bridesmaid's hair and make-up?  If so is it okay to just offer to pay for the hair and leave the make-up up to the maids if they want it done professionally they can pay?

Re: Bridesmaid hair and make-up

  • It's only your responsibility if you are requiring it. Otherwise they are on their own. You can let them know you are going to such and such a person, it costs X amount and let them decide.
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  • If you are requiring them to have professional hair and makeup, then you pay.  If using someone professional is an option, then they can opt in or opt out, and you don't have to pay.

    I think it's really nice to offer to pay for them to get their hair done.
  • Ditto to what PP's said.

    I was MOH in my best friend's wedding last year. Professional hair and makeup was optional, but in the end all the BM's decided to go for it. When it came time to pay, the bride's mother announced that it was on her. Super nice gesture, but definitely not required unless pro hair/makeup is required.
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  • I knew where i wanted my hair/makeup done like a year in advance so I told my girls... that it was optional, all of them are getting theirs done except the youngest is not doing makeup. If you are expecting them to go professionally then you should be the one to pay.
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