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New Jersey

Candy bar- how much candy?

If you did a candy bar, how many pounds of each candy did you get? We will have around 150 guests, so I want to make sure there is enough. Thanks! Also, how long does candy stay good for? Can we start getting some soon or wait closer to June/

Re: Candy bar- how much candy?

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    I'm not sure about how much, I am sure some of the other MGs who have done it could help you with that.  But as far as when to order, candy keeps pretty well, but I wouldn't order just yet.  For example, most of the candy that Hershey makes is meant to last about 4 months or so.  So I would wait  a couple months and then start shopping.  If you are getting anything like gummy bears, I would wait as long as possible as they become hard over time.  
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    ok great thanks!
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    I looked into doing a candy bar a few months back, and there are a lot of websites for people who will actually come to your event and set it up, provide the bowls, candy, etc. - some are more reasonable than others but some were pretty decent deals, considering how expensive it is to buy the bowls yourself. On some of the wbsites they actually tell you how much candy you need for a number range of people. If you have some time, you can always look for those websites. I don't remember what the websites were since we decided to forego the candy bar and give a box of chocolate truffles as favors instead, but I know they do exist and can be a great resource.
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    I did some research on this these websites might help you out!!

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    thank you all so much!
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    I did a candy buffet for my wedding. I had about 160 people and I have about 125 pounds of candy. I had maybe 30 pounds leftover. I had all different kinds of candy from skittles to mary janes (which was really popular). I went to economy candy in the city,you can get alot of old school candy there for cheap and then I got the rest at BJ's. I had about 17 different candies, anywhere from 5 pounds up. Hope this helps.
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    Just curious bc I hadn't really thought of having a candy bar -- but now it sounds like a really cute idea!!  What's the price range of having someone come in and do it for you versus you going to get the items yourself? What would you need besides the candy, jars and giftbags?

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