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Food and Cakes


Hi everyone - we are having a sunset wedding in AZ next April - the ceremony will start at 7PM and then we are having the reception in our backyard about 2 miles away from the ceremony. 

We are having a very casual reception - only 40-45 people with close friends and family.   Thus far we have decided on a Gourmet hot dog cart with chips,  Wondering what other sides I could add to this that we can do inexpensively.   Any suggestions?

We are also having a cotton candy machine (per the FI) and making popcorn balls for favors with other candies.

Re: Sides?

  • salad? baked beans? corn on the cob? smores? pies? mac and cheese? cheesy potato bake? I think it's really up to you guys on what you like. You can always go to google or yahoo and type in what goes with gourmet hot dogs? Hope this helps!
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  • Watermelon, pickles, veggie tray, potato salad?
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  • You need something made out of vegetables: green salad, veggie trays with dipping sauce, cole slaw, etc.  

    Macaroni and cheese, chili (could double as a side and as a garnish for the hot dogs) would be nice side additions as well.  

  • I think a green salad, cole slaw, and a pasta salad would work well. You wouldn't have to worry about keeping anything hot that way.
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