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I know a lot of ladies are still gone but I thought I would ask this for those of us here. Has anyone started this process yet? If so how did you go about it?

We are still waiting on our certified marriage license to come in before I can actually do everything but I want to get it done ASAP. Have you changed your name at work yet? Like for checks or anything.

Is there anything you can go ahead and change your name with, without having your new license or SS card in?

Re: Name Change

  • I am being lazy and haven't hopped on this yet... I've gotten as far as finding the forms on the SS website, but nothing past that. Honestly, I'm kind of torn on how I want to change my name, so I don't think it's by accident I'm dragging my feet.

    I made the momentous change on FB & Twitter, so I think that should count for something ;p
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    I can't do this until I get back from the honeymoon (we leave on Saturday) since my passport has my maiden name. And we haven't received our certified marriage license either. I don't think you can really do much without it, and I've also heard that you need to change your SS and driver's license before everything else.
    I did change it on Facebook though  :)
  • I've changed facebook, email, and work stuff, but nothing official until I get the license back.
  • I was able to change my credit card, facebook of course, and work stuff. But didn't know if there was anything else.
  • I ordered it on Wednesday, and we had our certified marriage license by Saturday and we live out of state.  They move pretty quickly there in the county recorder's office, you should have it very soon, depending on where you live.  :)
  • I did Social Security and am going tonight to the DMV.  It's super easy - all you really need is current proof of identity and your certified license.  You can change bank/credit cards without SS or new license - you just need your marriage license.  Actually, I was able to do it online for one CC.  But I know I need to actually go into the bank with my marriage license for checking accounts and things like that.  I know I can't do anything at work until my new SS card actually comes in the mail because they need a copy of it, but that should be any day now!  Also, you could just go to the office in the town you got married and get a copy.  In NJ we have to actually request and pay for copies of ours, so I just went to the office and they gave it to me then and there.
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    I am going to the SS office tomorrow, that is the most important stop to make. You may need your updated SS card to do anything such as changing your license, or changing names on bank or CC accounts.

    I wasn't able to deposit checks into our savings account from the wedding that were written out to our new last name until I got my new SS card.

    My second stop will be at the registry to change my license, then all the smaller stuff (CCs, bank stuff, work stuff etc.)
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  • Do I need to order a certified copy of my marriage license for some of these things? Or can I take MY original and then they give it back to me? I know every state is different but for those of you who have done it I thought might be able to tell me what happened with you.
  • The people at the town hall told us to get a second copy in case anyone needed to keep one, so that we'd have a spare if we needed it.

    I'd order one just in case since most places will need the actual and not a photocopy of it.
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    Just so you ladies know.. it took about a week for me to get my Soc Sec card. We got married on the 12th, the county actually had our Marriage lic back to us on Wed. the 16th I went to DPS and Soc Sec on Thurs and I had my new Soc Sec card the next Thurs. They're actually knocking them out! LOL

    One note, you HAVE to go to the DMV, DPS etc and do your driver's license first, the Soc Sec office wants your new ID along with your marriage license. They also told us that you can't make an appt at the Soc Sec office to change your name like you can for other business there. You just have to go and wait.

    I couldnt believe it, but when I walked in, there was NO ONE in there! The lady working there said it was very weird! LOL
  • I am mailing my request for copies of our marriage license so I can start with SS and DL.  So far I changed my e-mail, names on "unofficial" stuff like FB, and I changed over to Dr. Ruiz at work today =]  Feels weird calling myself that!  I'm not going to change my name on our checks until they run out, since H's name is on there they'll still work just fine.
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  •  The only thing I've done is change it on FB.  I'm not really in a hurry, I guess.
  • We have had our certified copy for a few weeks, but I haven't been around during business hours to call the SS office, but we both have filled out the paperwork for the SS and DMV and changed it on FB and my magazine subscriptions and when I order things, hehe. I guess I am not really in a hurry.
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  • In CT, we have to go to SSA before we can get our drivers license changed.  In fact, the DMV needs to show the updated name on their SS records, so you have to go to the SSA, and then wait a couple of days before hitting up the DMV.  We don't even need the new SS card to do the license, just has to have it updated in their computer system!

    I did SS on Friday, and once I get that new card, I will go changing everything else. 

    I think I can change my bank accts with just the certificate, but I figure I'll just do it all once I have a license, too! 
  • ugh...i was not looking forward to all the paperwork. I changed my work stuff and really need to get onto social security, etc.
  • I got a membership to - you put in the state and it gives you all the up to date forms for anything you need, you just click off the forms, SS, DL, bank, CC, car title, utility companies, etc.

    It tells you where you have to send it, bring it, and what you need.  I changed my name in the same day at SS and DL, they say you have to wait, but it's not actually required, it's just a courtesy.  You need to bring an original, but all they do is look at it and hand it back.  You do need to send in an original for your passport, so you'll probably want to get at least 2 original copies so you have one to keep in a firebox or wherever you keep important documents (ss card, birth cert, passport, will, etc).

    I've changed my name on fb, email and changed my benefits/beneficiaries at work, but I can't officially change my name until June 1st to not mess up the systems.  Only a day away now!
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  • I just went and changed mine at SS today. It was quick & simple! I can go tomorrow to the DMV to get my new license. I called around to CC and other accounts with my maiden name on it and some let me change over the phone, others gave me a fax number to send in a copy on the marriage license to. For work I have to wait for my new SS card before I can do anything. I also printed the form to change my passport. I'm slow at work this week so I'm trying to get as much done as I can now! But it's nice to have it officially changed with SS now =)
  • I got back our wedding certificate. The norarized copy to give to the government for changing everything. And next week I will be going into Vegas, to the SS office and go from there.
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