Fund Raising?

..I have asked this question in another forum and wanted to post it here as well..
Keeping in mind that we were allready planning on a budget causious wedding, I was even able to get my dress for less than $100, and down payments have allready been made.. Our only family vehicle was just stolen and insurance is no help at all so all of the money that we had for the wedding now has to go towards a car instead of its origional wedding use.
Does anyone have ideas on how to raise money (not specifically asking people outright for money) for a wedding?
I am not one to be excited about this but the money we had for the wedding is now pretty much gone :(

Re: Fund Raising?

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    First off, sorry to hear about your situation. It definitely is horrible to have something like this put so much stress on you in a time that is already so stressful. I'll be honest though, as horrible as it might be, you may want to consider postponing the wedding if money is a big issue. Many people don't take too kindly to asking for money for a wedding and any kind of fund raising is going to require essentially asking someone else to pay for your wedding. Even budget conscious weddings can get pretty expensive and there's no easy way to raise that kind of money.

    You could always try contacting your vendors and seeing if they would let you transfer your down payments to another date. Most places are pretty willing to accomodate people in these types of situations. You don't want to risk not making enough  money fundraising to pay for the rest of the wedding. And you definitely don't want to start out your marriage by going into debt.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do. This board is somewhat dead a lot of the time but I hope someone else can be more helpful than me!
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    I am sorry to hear about your situation.

    The only "socially acceptable" way I can think of to "fundraise" for a wedding is to throw a stag & doe.  Generally entry tickets are sold, drinks are sold, and people buy tickets for raffles/draws/etc.  The bride & groom keep all the profits - I've heard of some people raising $3-4K.  But these parties can be a lot of work and you (and your WP) may not be up for it.  Also they're not common in some social circles.

    I think the best situation is what Dferrari mentioned and contact your vendors to switch to a new date in a year or two to give you time to save up for it.

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    It is not the responsibility of others to pay for your wedding no matter what the situation.  And as far as your WP goes, it does not fall in to any sort of responsibility of them as well for them to have to plan some silly money raising party.  They are to walk down the aisle and that's about it. - What's the difference between peanut butter and jam?
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    yard sale? sell on Craig's List? Find a part time job?  I have never heard of 'fund raising' for a wedding. Good luck to you.

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    You're a big girl. Pay for your own wedding. 
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