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Help, I need practice taking pictures!

I don't know if this violates terms of service but here it goes. I'm nuts... I agreed to shoot my friend's entire wedding next month but I'm a little out of practice, I've picked up some new gear that I need to test out, etc and my kids are really getting sick of having their picture taken. So I was going to ask if anyone wanted some free portraits taken. I really need to practice taking pictures of people, adjusting the camera's exposure for various types of skin tones, etc. 

I would give you the best shots from the session. I would also ask that I am allowed time to clean up the photos. I just upgraded to Photoshop 6 so I would try to work on the best results of my ability to practice for my friend's event. I also need to take photos in the South San Jose area (outdoors and in the evening time) so that the atmosphere emulates the area that my friend's wedding will take place. 

Now to the catch...

I am not a professional photographer. Photography is just my hobby. The session is free so I don't want someone to forgo meeting with a professional photographer if they expect a specific result. Yeah, I might get some good shots but I don't want huge expectations or pressure. You have to realize that you may also hate the pictures that I take. 

I want to re-emphasize that this would be for me to get practice and you to get free photos. 

If anyone is interested, please contact me at [email protected]

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Re: Help, I need practice taking pictures!

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