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Where to have our wedding??

We're thinking about getting married in late march or early april 2011.  So I'm just starting my planning and there one big thing I can't seem to decide on. We don't know what city/town to get married in.  Most of my family lives in or around williamsburg, ia (about 20 miles west of Iowa City)  But fi and i met in ames while both attending ISU.  We are currently living in ames, but will likely be moving this summer after fi graduates.  I don't know where we will be going because it will depend on where fi can find a job.  I would rather get married in ames because I am here now and we have more of a connection to the town.  But if we move away from iowa it would be nice to have family that could help me finish planning, therefore would be better if we got married in iowa city or cedar rapids.  Also it would be easier for my grandpa to attend if he didn't have to travel very far.  I've also thought about des moines because its closer to them but still easy for me to start planning from ames.  I'm probably overthinking this...

Re: Where to have our wedding??

  • EJPintEJPint member
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    You are overthinking, but that's just all part of the fun:)

    I would get married wherever feels most like "home" to you.  One thing to consider with Ames if you choose April is the timing of Veishea!  But it's a great town to get married in, I've been to many great weddings in the MU and other fun locations, and it would hold sentimental value for you both.  Des Moines will hold the most options just by virtue of being the biggest city in Iowa, but it doesn't sound like it holds ties for either of you. 

    I'd picture yourself in a dress standing with your future husband - where does that picture take place?  Where does your heart tell you?  That's where you should get married, not necessarily the place that's most practical. 
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    my future sis in-law and her new hubby live in FL, but they got married in ames because it was a central location for both families and they met at isu.  his family is from SE iowa and her family is from SW iowa. my advice, have it where it's most meaningful to u.
  • harpjenharpjen member
    edited December 2011
    I agree with the other postings...have your wedding where it means the most to you!  My FI is from Vegas and California and I'm from here in the DSM area.  We just moved here from AZ in April 2009 and got engaged at Christmas.  We not only thought of places here but else where.  It came down to what was convent for us.  By having our wedding here, I am able to stay on top of all the details!  Plus, we have just booked our wedding/reception at the church I grew up in.  Partially because it was available and partially because as a member, I can use the church for free! 

    I would think of places that are of importance or have memories for you and your FI.  See what is available on campus... did you guys have a hangout?  Do alumni get discounts?  When you were attending school, did you attend a church in Ames?  Just some things to think about...good luck!
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