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wedding traditions from Guatemala and El Salvador

I am white and my fiance is hispanic.  We want to incorporate tradtions from his two cultures into our wedding.  Any ideas?

Re: wedding traditions from Guatemala and El Salvador

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    My FMIL is from El Salvador so when brought us back the gold coins for us to do the arras ceremony. She had them blessed at the Catholic church there. You can google the arras (13 gold coins) ceremony and it explains it all. We are also doing the lasso ceremony which is very traditional. HTH!
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    Along with the coins (arras) and cord (lazo), if you're getting married in a church, another option is to do the devotional to the Virgin Mary, where you place a bouquet of roses at the statue of the Virgin Mary and pray to her for guidance. I'm Salvie too, but I don't think there's any El Salvador-specific customs.
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    The only thing not mention is the unity candle and for the reception the dollar dance. I have seen the unity candle used at two weddings where bride and groom were from El Salvador. But I agree with BuildABride there isn't any specific Salvadorian wedding traditions.
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    I am of Salvadoran descent and my FI is Salvadoran - he's not religious and I'm non-denomenational so for our ceremony we are just doing the sand ceremony.  As far as the reception we're doing the dollar dance and the traditional other dances like father/daughter etc dances.   The arras and laso are up to you if you want to do it.  
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