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Beach House Wedding....HELP !!!

I am newly engaged and we really want to have a traditional clambake wedding. We live on the south shore and would love to rent a beach house right on the water to host such an event. I need help finding the right hosue to hold such an event. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!!!! If you know of a house to rent or have rented such a venue... please let me know !!! thank you

Re: Beach House Wedding....HELP !!!

  • THe Bovey House in Chatham!!!! It is perfect! Contact for info. The house is gorgeous, you can get married right on the private is so charming! 

  • The Dennis Inn is another great beach location can have a tented reception overlooking the beach...nice hotel for your guests!
  • There are some houses in Truro that can be rented for parties, but many homes do not welcome weddings due to liability.  I would recommend calling a few rental agencies to see if they can help.
  • When I first got engaged (almost exactly a year ago!) I had the exact same vision. I wanted to rent a place near my Mom's house in Dennis. I called a few rental agencies in the area and no one really knew of any such "party houses".  As the above person mentions, there are just too many liabilities - # of bathrooms, space for tents if you need it, potential for late night drinkers/partiers out in the neighborhood, etc.

    While looking around I found a place that could come close - the Corsair & Cross Rip in Dennisport has a wedding package that includes a lot of what you mention (ceremony on the beach then followed up by a reception in the backyard of their rental house, Treats Catering will do a clambake as part of it). 

    I didn't end up picking the Corsair and went in a bit of a different direction, but that may be one solution for you.
  • Thank you so much for the suggestions !!
  • I was looking to do the same thing for my wedding last July. Unfortunately, there are very few options. I know a couple places depending on what your budget is. I know when I was looking, the two places I had in mind were around $15,000.00 just to rent the place..not including catering, tents, and the rest of the stuff weddings involves. 
  • Check out the Burwell cottage in Woods hole on VRBO  amazing perfect spot...
  • The Winslow Estate in South Orleans is spectacular, but pricey. It's almost completely booked for this summer but has openings in the off season and it's a lot less expensive.
  • We are getting married at Overbrook in Buzzards Bay- Not ON the beach, but great spot!

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    I echo what you've heard...I was so set on doing this, and after about 3 months of wasted time into it, and finding a couple houses that we kind of liked, but weren't crazy about...we decided on The Pelham House in Dennisport instead (not highly advertised, but a really cool place).  We still had the laidback vibe of a home/tented wedding, and it's RIGHT on the water :) So beautiful.  You'll have to bring in the caterer/tent, tables, chairs but it held all the qualities that I wanted in a "home wedding" but without having to bring in bathrooms or beg people to use their house.  Also, you can do a bonfire on their beach after that was so much fun. Feel free to email me if you want to know more :) [email protected]
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