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Do not go with The Bungalow Club for your wedding

Hi Ladies,

Just putting it out there-do not go with them as your wedding venue.  They were doing some sort of construction, which the owner assured me several times that it would be done by my wedding date.  It wasn't.  When we walked in, there was sawdust on the floor, the walls hadn't been painted yet, and there was water everywhere.  The staff was also very scatterbrained.  After they told me somebody would be there to greet us at 1:30, when we arrived at 2:30, there was no one there but the construction guys.  They also smashed one side of the top part of our cake.  They acted like we were a big inconvenience to them.

And don't get me started on the sound.  She says in her contract that they have a top of the line sound system....that was a lie!  There was only sound in one room (it's a bar/restaurant/patio setup), the microphone didn't work, so my poor singer couldn't even be heard by the guests, and the officiant had to scream to be heard.  It was horrible!  The owner had the nerve to ask my matron on honor why I was mad when she told her I was seething!  Don't do it, you'll regret it!

Re: Do not go with The Bungalow Club for your wedding

  • muffinkatemuffinkate member
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    Oh no, seriously, we have our wedding booked there for early May.  Hopefully the construction will be done by then.

    I'm so sorry you had a terrible experience and they ruined your wedding.
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    Oh my.  That's horrible. 
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    this is why i think contracts are so wonderful. Getting a venue to actually "check off" that things will be the way you want them allows you to fight with your checkbook afterward. Construction always makes me leery and that's why we shy'd away from a specific hotel downtown. Thanks for reminding me that "get it in writing" is the way to go.
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