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Ugh, photography is expensive.

One of these photographers is more than 2x the other one for the package we're looking for.  I'm trying to figure out if the more expensive photographer is really worth it.  

Problem is, I can't *afford* the more expensive photographer, so if I want her quality then I'll have to cut back on what I'm looking for - which makes me none too happy.


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Re: Ugh, photography is expensive.

  • Im actually surprised, you of all posters, are debating paying more...ms frugal, diy, bride hehe They both look fantastic. Is it possible you can customize the package, that is more expensive of the 2 and try to talk her down some? Hopefully shes willing to work with you a little.
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  • Well, I'm not sure which is the more expensive, but Heather Brewer seems like a better photographer, with more finesse and understanding of composition.  Personally I think photos are definitely a place to splurge if need be!
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    I have to agree with Gabs. The one place we are splurging is photography. I think even if you regret it now, in the future you will be so glad you spent more on photography. Having amazing photos to share with your family will make the decision worth it.

    Edit: I also have to agree that Heather Brewer does much better photography.
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  • Photography is my one splurge, but the base package I want with Ms. Brewer is over half of my original budget.  The problem is that I want printing rights.  I totally plan on buying prints too, but I just can't justify spending that much.  I just don't have it to spend.  Her only pre-built package with rights is $3000, and if you add it on a la carte she wants $50 per photo!   I'm going to contact her about possibly seeing if we can just get rights to the pictures we order prints of, since she'll have already done the editing work on it anyways :o  maybe we'll be able to save some $ that way and both be happy.  I don't want her to feel cheated, but they're my pictures and I want to be able to do with them what I wish, you know? 

    I can DIY almost everything else just fine.  Photography is like the *one* thing I can't do myself.
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  • Printing rights were very important to me as well. We are not getting any printed by our photog, it'll be all DIY (which is a way to save money on photography, but it sounds like that might not necessarily be an option for you?), other than our photobook (included). We ended up $200 (+tax) over budget on photography. Oh well. 
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  • I feel ya! I painfully wrote out the deposit for our $3550 photographer! It is much more over budget than we wanted, but we figured that photos are one of the only things from the day you get to keep.

    As a result, we may be cutting back on flowers a tad (meeting with ther tomorrow!) and we're contemplating not having a videographer... not sure how much we'll watch it.
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