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New York-Hudson Valley

Has anyone used H&H Photographers?

They are based out of Irvington, NY. What did you think of them? Thanks!

Re: Has anyone used H&H Photographers?

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    nope but have you check the reviews on wedding wire?...
    if you are looking for a great photographer, mine is Claudia... www.fabuluxephotos.com

  • GolfChick78GolfChick78 member
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    You have to take the reviews on Wedding Wire with a grain of salt.  I'm popping over from the NJ board and it's been said their frequently (and I assume it's true) that vendors are able to suppress bad reviews there.

    I'm not familiar with H&H.  We're using Robert Wayne Photography.  He's out of northwestern NJ but he must cover quite a bit of the HV as he showed us weddings from Goshen and Poughkeepsie.
  • vienna1121vienna1121 member
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    we used them for our november wedding. i was satisfied with the quality of the photos however some key shots or what i thought were key shots were missing. on the other hand, i never specified what shots i wanted, i just assumed the ones i wanted were normal shots for all weddings....we were satisfied with the service and they were extremely fast with getting our proofs to us. they were super professional.  we used fred for our engagement photos as well as our wedding.  he was very nice but i might choose a slightly younger person for future events.  pricing was reasonable, definitely negotiable.
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    We are using them for our wedding. I was extremely pleased with our engagement photos and Larry is easy to work with.
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    We looked at LJ Studios, but not H&H. LJ is located in Mamaroneck and they do great work.
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    A friend of mine used H&H for her son's bar mitzvah and said that they were awful, but maybe she just had a bad experience.

    My husband and I promote our photographer all of the time, who was Melissa Lynn. She is really great, and we could not have been happier with how our photos. Her website is http://www.beimaged.com. She gave us a form to fill out with all of the shots we wanted beforehand too, which made me feel really good after meeting with other photographers who didn't seem to have it together.

    Anyway, that is my two cents, but good luck! If you feel comfortable with H&H, that is what is most important.
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    check out my photographer. http://www.theredsweatshirt.com the are reviewed on onewed.com We are really happy with them. they are super talented and nice. Let me know how it goes.
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  • Jill0803Jill0803 member
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    Thanks all for the feedback. This is helpful! I actually found them through wedding wire but didnt see any reviews on them on other wedding sites. Good to know about giving them a list of shots, I would have thought they were "normal shots" too and wouldn't need to be mentioned. Vienna1121-- I heard that the cost of the album with H&H could get to be quite expensive because of extra pictures that you want included. I think their package calls for 50 shots, and extra shots are $50 each. Did you find the cost of your album to be excessive?

  • katiefinn03katiefinn03 member
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    I booked H&H for my wedding next October.  I went for a no frills package which is without an album but I have the printing rights and plan to create my own.  I might be taking on alot but with all the online stores I feel that it will be much more cost effective.
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    Stay away!!!!
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    Check out Ashley Therese Photography!  http://www.ashleytheresephotography.com/
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