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Slideshow help!

The dj for our reception is also doing the lighting and the slideshow. It's all in his package. mY FI and I have begun to gather photos for the slideshow. We were thinking around 30-45. Some from each of us growing up, then pics since we've been together. I emailed the dj to check on the amount of photos and he's saying 100! I feel like that's a very high number and since that email he and I have been playing phone tag. Has anyone else had a slideshow at the reception? If so, how many pictures did you use?

Also, when did the slideshow play? We were thinking it would be between announcing the wedding party and our entrance. Sort of a lead up to us coming into the reception.

And yes, I realize my dj will probably answer all of these questions for me when I talk to him, but since we keep missing each other, I thought I would try to get some other responses before I talk to him.

Re: Slideshow help!

  • Hello,

     I would suggest  the slideshow be no longer than 5-7 minutes.  Figure 4 seconds per photo on the screen and 15 photos per minute of every song.  I think I would do it before, or right after dinner as not much is going on then anyway, unless you don't want to see it??  Use a variety of pictures - friends, family, outings, etc.  This will keep your guests focused. 

    Good luck!
  • Thanks! I spoke with the dj last night and he said pretty much what you just said. Each picture is only on the screen for about 3-4 seconds, so 100 photos is really only a few minutes. Our plan is to have to shown after our wedding party is announced but right before our entrance. It's sort of the build up to our entrance, plus give us a few minutes alone to breathe before the reception begins.

    He also said he could play it again either during dinner, or during the dollar dance, when not everyone is on the dance floor. He can slow down the length the pictures are on screen so people can enjoy them longer.
  • Good to hear!  Best of Luck!!
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