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Labor-Day wknd Shattuck wedding re-cap w/HEAVY PIP-non-pro

Posting some non-pro pics....I'll re-post more detailed ratings when we get pro pics and video back, etc.

Although there were a few things that didn't go as expected...everything turned out very beautiful and I was very happy with our vendors.  One of the BEST things that we did was to have hair and makeup artists onsite.  They were absolutely amazing and went above and beyond the 'call of duty'.  Not only did they make everyone look gorgeous, (including a new hairstyle and makeup retouch after being outside for photos in sweltering heat), but they took charge and helped out as if they were additional on-site coordinators when everyone started showing up at the same time.  LOVE them!  (Thanks Corey Banville & Erin Convery--Nashua).

Boston Uplighs....OMG!  Their lighting absolutely MADE the room!  It was beautiful before, but oh what a difference the uplighting made.  The colored/designed spotlights from the balcony onto the dance floor were so beautiful.

Florist, (Daffodil's), was fantastic...the flowers were beautiful and just what we had envisioned.

Cake, (Cakes for all occasions), was delicious and looked almost exactly like what we requested.  One minor detail in the design was missing--but no one noticed and it still looked great.

Guitarist, Don Sanni---very accomodating, showed up early and played for guests and did a great job at the ceremony.

LA Limousine was great--even stayed a little late and transported elderly grandparents from the outdoor ceremony to the indoor venue.

A couple of things that went wrong...

1) Dress malfunction!  We loved working with the Modern Bride, but at the critical moment, some of the alterations that were done did not hold.  (Even after paying $250 for alterations).  The eye-hook above the zipper just fell off the dress and then another seam where they had taken the dress in (one size), was loose and just fell apart.  We have photos of the JP sewing up the side seam before the service.  We couldn't get the eye-hook back just zipped up the dress to the top and went without it.  (Note to sure to take a needle and was the ONE thing that we forgot to pack!)  Luckily, the on-site coordinator found some and that helped.  Other than the alterations malfunctions...loved Modern Bride and everyone loved how the dress looked!

2) Guest shuttles worked out great....(Thomas Transportation was fantastic!)  However, some of the guests who had RSVP'd for the shuttle decided to find other means of transporation, but did not tell us.  Needless to say, the person in Nashua that was the "shuttle person" was in a panic because six of our guests hadn't made the shuttle by the time it was supposed to leave.  We held the shuttle about 10 minutes late and made several PANIC calls to these guest's cell phones to try to track them down.  I think it was incredibly rude of them to make us panic like that and hold up everyone else while we were looking for them...but what can you do?  Ultimately, the bus left without them, but they showed up anyway.  Just wish they hadn't done that to us.  Having the shuttles was great though because everyone got to ride together back to the hotel, (in the big one), or back to Nashua, (in the smaller one).  No one got lost and No DUI's.  They even played the "Wedding Crashers" DVD in the one that had an hour ride from Nashua.  We all sang and goofed off in the bigger shuttle that took 31 pp back to the hotel in Keene.

3) Photos took a bit longer between the ceremony and the reception, so the DJ's schedule got a bit off for events.  He was supposed to have guests play a game to give away the centerpieces, but he forgot.  It was OK though because people just started taking them at the end of the night--really didn't want to carry all of those back!  We were very happy with our DJ though...he did a great job! (Drew Rissler, Get Down Tonight).

4) During our entrance, we decided to do a little "you chase me and I'll chase you" thing, and I slipped on the dress and fell.  (Katie....if you're reading this, I was thinking of you!)  Luckly, no injuries and just hopped right up---sure hope that gets edited out of the video!  Again, Drew Rissler, (DJ), did a great job as Emcee for the evening.

5) The saddest thing is that grandfather passed away two days after the wedding, (we found out while driving other relatives to the airport on Labor Day).  Needless to say, we had to make an unexpected trip to Tennessee for the funeral services right after the wedding, and just got back yesterday.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions these past few weeks.  A fantastic wedding, and a very sad funeral for a wonderful man.  At least he held on until after the wedding.

Here's a few non-pro pics....will post more when we get the pro pics/video.

First...a pic with the NH Knottie's sign!  (They are holding this for me at the venue--I have to go pick it up in the next week or so).  Let me know who wants it next!

Getting hair done by Corey at the venue.

Shellac Manicure at Ava Nails the day before with the BM's.

Mimosas en route to the Shattuck to get ready!

With the makeup artist, Erin for final touch-up.

With the JP just before putting on the veil.

With the veil.

The bridal party!  The girls' dresses were beautiful!  I loved how the design on the bodice of their dresses matched the bridal gown. (Honor-attendant Erik looked great in his tux too!)  The bouquets were so pretty.

Bouquet of sunflowers/wildflowers--perfect!

Guys in the limo en route to the ceremony.

Freaking out in the limo with FOB, just before the ceremony.

Processional begins...

Processional ends...FOB giving away...

Hand-fasting ceremony with JP, (she was fantastic and wrote a beautiful service for us---even drove all the way from Keene to Nashua for our rehearsal.

"I now may kiss..."  Love the JP's expression!

Recessional # 1

Recessional #2 (with Bubbles!!)

With the entire bridal party.

With both families, (siblings, parents/step-parent)

First Dance--"Unforgettable", (with new hair style and dress bustled).  Memory photos in background.

Loved our centerpieces!

Our pretty (and delicious) cake!

And a few random 'party' pics from the reception; deck off the back of reception hall.

Good shot of uplighting, (and tattoo!)

Sweetheart table, (during speeches)

Bird Cage on the Gift Table

Bridesmaid (Nina) getting her groove on!

...and then there were after-parties back at the hotel in Keene.
(not the greatest view, but loved the 'after' ivory dress too!)

Can't wait to get pro-pics and video!
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