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(WR) STD Envelopes

Is it cheesy to print the addresses directly onto the envelopes for our STDs?  I was going to to the wrap-around labels and got really excited about that but that requires a bit more work and time (work I can do, it's just the time I don't have!).  The envelopes are brown kraft paper 70lb ones (instead of the plain white from Vistaprint) and would just have plain black printing that matches the font from our STDs.  I did a
sample and like them . . . just don't know if that's a faux pas?

Re: (WR) STD Envelopes

  • I don't think it's a big deal.  I'm either doing that or doing wraparound labels for our actual invitations, so you're more in line with etiquette than I am, at least.
  • Dont think its a faux pas.  Better than chicken scratch hand writing. 
  • Elle, when I was still going to do the wrap arounds I ended up finding this:  http://www.envelopperinc.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=ENVLPR&Category_Code=REX17

    I still might do those for the actual invites too.  I know you're SUPPOSED to do hand calligraphy and there are definitely some etiquette sticklers in our family but I really like the labels.  The etiquette sticklers are also making me rethink the invites.  I want to do them on kraft cardstock (totaly fits our theme) and just have them printed regular but if I don't get them letterpressed ($$$) I know there are some who are going to talk about that.  I know I shouldn't care but I kind of do.  I don't think I can justify spending hundreds of dollars just to get letterpress to impress other people though!
  • Honestly, when it comes to things like this, etiquette can shove it. I will not be getting our invites letterpressed, and there will be no calligraphy in sight. I just can't justify the time or money. So - I say printing the addresses directly on the envelopes is A-OK! 
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  • Great find!  Thanks Meg!
  • I am having my addresses printed on my invited but I hand addressed my STD's weird huh lol.  I would do whatever makes you happy.
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    Uhm... We totally printed the addresses directly onto the envelopes for our STDs and didn't think twice.

    We also printed the addresses onto a label that came with our invites and stuck it on there and didn't think twice.  It's something that is going into the garbage.  I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on that.  My guests would much rather have an open bar and decent food than calligraphy on an invite...
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  • In Response to Re: (WR) STD Envelopes:
    [QUOTE]For stds it is fine to do labels or print on envelopes. For invites, there is no etiquette that says they must be letterpress, that is just a preference, so your friends/family can suck it if they don't like it. I (gasp!) printed the addresses directly onto envelopes for my invites. The world didn't fall apart.
    Posted by cu97tiger[/QUOTE]

    THANK YOU!!!  I had to have my dad remind me last night that I don't have to do anything anybody else's way!!  He heard me talking to my mom, fretting about letterpress and calligraphy . . . he straightened me out though.  Dad's are good at that!
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