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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Weather in June

I am not a local - and was wondering what were people's thoughts on the weather in June on the Cape? I want to be sure that we can still incorporate some outdoor activites/have cocktail hour on the beach, so any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks :)

Re: Weather in June

  • woodiewoodie member
    edited December 2011

    Weather in June...is usually a heartbreaker!  I've been at the Cape for a long time. I can remember one June where it rained every weekend, all weekend.  The businesses that relied on tourist dollars really suffered.

    Last year was pretty bad, but maybe that's b/c of El Ninio? 

    The best thing to do is make your plans for your outdoor activities but have an indoor backup plan too. 

    The good thing is that most folks on the Cape know the weather is fickle.

    Have fun!
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    Second PP. New England in general is very fickle, so always have a back up plan. That said, it can be beautiful, warm without being too hot. This past summer in general was pretty awful-- I think it rained every weekend until August. That's not normal, but it does make you realize you really have to be prepared just in case!
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    It totally depends!   I don't think there are any guarantees on Cape Cod.  We got married last year on May 16th, and it was absolutely gorgeous out.  But it rained the day before the wedding and the day after the wedding.  But the guys still golfed on Friday - they didn't let the weather bother them.  I think people regognize that weather in New England is hit-or-miss, and that's part of the charm.
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    The weather is not predictable.
    The good news, is that even when it rains, it's warm. Make sure you have some umbrellas on hand (maybe cute ones that match your wedding colors?). Definitely have a backup plan, but don't be afraid of the clouds! Dance in the puddles if you're lucky enough to have them!
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  • CCBelATCCCBelATC member
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    Isn't the weather a little more predictable in July?
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    Uggh, weather in June is totally unpredictable!  Plan for rain and you'll be fine... sorry to sound like such a downer!
  • cdream05cdream05 member
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    Yes last June it rained i think all of but 4 days?!?  Hoping for a better June this year!! :)  Hoping for a beautiful sunshiney day June 5th :)
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    Last year was a pretty rainy spring/summer overall!!!  It rained than BAM it was hot & humid.  I've been a cape girl for many year & I'm rolling the dice for my June 12th wedding.  Just have a plan B like you would anywhere and you'll be fine.  There are a lot of places that have tents along beaches for weddings.  What town are you looking at? 

    Good luck!!!
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    I am looking at the Orleans/Chatham area....hopefully it will be nice for your day!
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