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NWR: Busy!

I'm not around on here much anymore at all, my classes just started, I'm working on getting my teacher's aide job back, and on Friday we're buying our first house! We have some remodeling to do before we even move in, and even after we move in we're going to be busy fixing up the house. So wedding planning is definitely on the back burner for now! Hopefully, I'll be back here when our life is a little less chaotic! (I'm hoping that's sometime sooner than later!) 

Here's a picture of the house we're buying, I'm so excited about the color, it's so unique! The porch is absolutely adorable too! I'm just excited in general, but I'm sure that will fade when we start ripping the wallpaper out of every room in the house!

Re: NWR: Busy!

  • Wow! That house looks so amazing! Is this the one you were talkng about? the one you REALLY wanted? I bet the inside is really neat. I can just imagine. Good luck with your fixer-upper! You guys are going to have the time of your lives making it fit your style. It will be crazy and frustrating, but in the end completely fulfilling. I'll still be here when you're ready to start planning again. Let us know how things are going every once in a while!
  • Yep, this is the one we really wanted. It's the only one we actually went inside, but we knew it was ours the second that we saw it. The inside is pretty cool, there's a clawfoot tub that I love, but we only have one bathroom and that would be extremely unconventional so that's the first thing we're getting rid of. It's sad because it really goes with the house, but I know I would slip and die trying to get out of that thing!

     Some of the decor is pretty awful inside though, which is the main reason it's been on the market so long. It's pretty much just wallpaper though (gawdy roses, roosters, and country western themes yippee!), but that's not going to be too horrible to fix. There's hardwood floors in every room except the bathroom and kitchen (very very very dumb that those rooms have carpet! We'll definitely tear that out.) 

    It has a gorgeous back yard too, I might even try my hand at gardening, although there are so many flowers and plants back there as is, I don't think I would have to do much! I know my grandma is looking forward to coming over and stealing some of our hostas lol and FI is very excited that we have tiger lillies. They must have spent so many years getting all of the landscaping the way it is, we even have apple trees! 

    It's just so perfect, I'm beyond excited to get out of our crappy apartment, and very excited that the long and stressful process of buying the house is over!
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