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Need advice in Evansville


I'm looking for others from Evansville who can give me suggestions and advice.  We have already selected our venue (Discover Lodge).  I need recomendations on caterer, photographer, flowers, cake, hair and makeup (oh everything basically).

Here's my story.  I'm not from Evansville, so I don't really know what is around here, and I work with all guys.  I have one bridesmaid who lives in Evansville, who is willing to help, but she isn't from here either, so she can't really give me that kind of advice.  I really need the expertise of someone who has been to a few weddings around Evansville, or just your experience from talking to vendors.  Any tips or ideas you can give me are appreciated.

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Re: Need advice in Evansville

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    I'm from Southern Indiana, and I've done quite a bit of searching around for my own wedding (which we're having at the Granary in New harmony, Indiana).  My personal vendors that I'm going with are the Acropolis for catering (they have great prices, anything from like $8 a person on up) and my photographer is Melissa Copeland out of Shelburn Indiana.  She's AMAZING!  and willing to travel for no fee!  Flowers, we're using Sams club because they're real, cheap, and can be sent to your house for no extra shipping charges.  I haven't found a hair and makeup person yet...  And for a DJ we're using Vincent Entertainment.

    Other vendors I've checked out is Matt Kelly for DJing, Biaggis for catering, and Rowe Photography... they're all really good, and definite possibilities, but we just found the others to be what we were looking for, but a little cheaper.  I can give you #'s or contact information for any of those if you're needing them. 

    Our wedding is about 130 people, so we are definitely trying to keep things within a cetain budget, but its totally do-able just depending on what you're looking for around here!  If you need any more help or ideas just let me know!
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    I just began the planning process, so I'm still receiving quotes from people.

    I can't really speak to who would be a better DJ, but I've had friends use Matt Kelly http://www.timeforbigfun.com/. His prices is $695. I've also received quotes for DJ's that are closer to $500.

    I haven't chosen a photographer yet, but I can post more when I get more info.

    There are a lot of catering options. If you check out tristatebride.com or http://www.evansvillebrideguide.com/ they have a list of vendors for a lot of categories. This is how I'm doing some of my research.
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    We're using Hornville Tavern for the caterer. They're only charging $7.50 a plate, you get two meats for everyone (chicken and pork tenderloin), a baked potato, green beans, corn, cole slaw, bread, and drinks. Everyone I mention them to says their food is awesome. We're also having then bartend beacuse they're the cheapest I found. I heard Sandy's cakes were great and also very reasonable, but I haven't been in there yet. We were planning on booking premier light and sound for the DJ,  but Party Time DJ is cheaper (www.partytimebigfun.com). They only charge $350 for the first 3 hrs and $50 for every hour thereafter, but I haven't talked to them yet.  I was planning on getting my flowers from zeidlers, they were cutting me a deal, but I'll check out sam's club, thanks ladies!
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    Thanks for all the ideas.  I'm just so overwhelmed by all of this.  It's good to know there are aother people out there!
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