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Recommend a Memphis Wedding DJ?

Can anyone recommend a fun DJ for a Memphis wedding? We're hoping the DJ can work with us to develop the playlist.

Re: Recommend a Memphis Wedding DJ?

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    I like DJ Twinkie and Drex.  Drex is a DJ with 107.5 and I think the radio station can give you DJ Twinkie's contact information too.  They are both fun and have great prices too!
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    I would use an Ipod before I used Rockin Robin.  If you ask the coordinators at several of the big name venues they will tell you that he is the worst.  He does whatever he wants, he drinks at your wedding and he's super cheesy (as in, if you say you don't want the electric slide he'll still play it). 

    We're using Jordabella Entertainment and so far Mark has been great.  He's the only wedding vendor who answers the phone everytime I call him and he's always super nice.  His website is awesome and you can set up your must play lists and do not play lists on it at your leisure.  He may be a couple hundred dollars more than the others but he's a quality DJ and has far better equipment.
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    Whatev... Rockin Robin is the best!!! His weddings are fantastic... I can't wait till he does ours in a few weeks... he really goes out of his way to get everyone moving and to make it a real celebration!!
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    I used Jimmy at DeepBlu. He was awesome and my favorite vendor of the night. I highly recommend him. He helped us pick out our songs and kept the evening moving.
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    Rockin Robin has been great at every event I have seen them!! There are different Djs for Rockin Robin so you can ask different questions in order to get the best dj for you.
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    People Who Put Others Down, Are Usually Hurt Themselves.........

    The first thing to know is that a happy, self confident, person does not put others down. They might provide constructive criticism, but they won’t put others down, especially when it comes to hearsay.  This tells you a lot about the person who criticizes others.  Negative comments can also be “unfriendly competition” as well. 

    Emotionally detaching from a negative person can be difficult for any person, especially a vendor whose reputation and livelihood is on the line.  However, Rockin' Robin's DJs refuses to become involved beyond this friendly reply and reporting any personal attacks to the knot.

     Congratulations and Good Luck to all Brides!

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    Dwood Mobile DJs is great. Dalton Wood has done weddings in Nashville and Memphis. Lights were awesome. He was great to work with re: playlist (must plays and must NOT plays). Stayed longer than planned because people were still dancing. Was $450 but gave him nice tip. Dwoodmobiledjs.com.
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    I used Tommy from Dingo Entertainment back when I got married.  I have to say he was the best and made the reception tons of fun!!!  I had several people say it was the best party they've ever been to and that was a direct result of Tommy's work!
  • Tiger City Entertainment is another company that lots of people are raving about. Everyone I've talked to has been extremely satisfied with them. A friend of mine said even the older people at her wedding were getting up dancing!
  • Who did you end up using? Would you hire them again? I'm currently looking for a Memphis DJ. Thanks!
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