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Wedding Date

Hello Ladies,
I am newly engaged and am starting the fun planning process!
We are looking to be married next year in 2013 during the summer and were looking at the month of June (that is when we met & first started dating so it was somewhat meaningful) we had a date picked out but it had to change because it was the same weekend of my sis graduation.

Now we are looking at early July 2013 as a date but my mother says with the Cleveland weather -the heat more specifically humidity will be awful especially for pictures. I am looking to have an indoor wedding later in the day so didnt think it would be such a problem but now the thought is in my head that it will be too hot and humid....I know you can't predict the weather especially here since it changes so fast...so now I just don't know....debating about early fall - but doesn't really  have that much meaning for us - any suggestions on how to pick a date and when woudl be good?

Thanks :)

Re: Wedding Date

  • I'd say it depends on what you want. DH and I picked a spring date. Our original date we wanted (anniv. of our 1st meeting) at the hall we REALLY wanted was booked. so we took the next available -- one week later.

    Some couples envision a wedding at a certain time of year, or pick a date based on no other holidays or birthdays coinciding with that date... or maybe they DO want it on a holiday or other special day for whatever reason. Friends of mine were married on Halloween and made their wedding into a Halloween party (complete with costumes!) that was perfect for them. They just both loved that holiday so much.

    As for a July wedding, especially if you're looking at an indoor ceremony (in an air conditioned space), I don't think heat/humidity will be an issue at all. As for pictures, it would depend on what location you want to go with. Do you want outdoor pics? If so, take them either in the morning before the day heats up or in evening when it cools a bit. Or, choose a nice (air conditioned) indoor space for photos.

    Summer is the most popular season for weddings after all. I'd think August would be hotter and more humid than July, and I've lived in NEO my entire life.
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  • Often times, vendors will offer reduced rates for Friday weddings...just depends if your guests can make it. I love a friday wedding!!
  • Have when you want to have it. Its your wedding date and your future anniversary. Summer weddings are fun.

  • June is usually pretty nice around here, it doesn't get too humid until July/August. Honestly there's just no planning for the weather. I got married in July of 2010 and it was quite warm and sunny but not too humid. Exactly one week after our wedding date it was CRAZY hot and humid! I've been to weddings in this area in May where it was cold enough to see your breath at night, and in August where it rained all day and never got particularly warm. It can easily still be quite warm into September/October, or we could have an early snow lol. I would say just go with what makes you happy. GL!
  • .... is a May outdoor wedding in Cleveland out of the question?
  • No it is not.  I did an outside wedding on Oct 9th
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