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    I know it's a little early since my wedding is pretty far away but my sisters, who are both my MOHs and I are going dress shopping for them tomorrow!  I'm so excited!!  I have mapped out about 4 or 5 places to go to look at styles and prices. I can't wait :-)
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    On Sunday, we are flying to Providence, and will rent a car and drive to Connecticut!  Yay!  I can't wait to be back and to see as many of our local friends as possible.  Tomorrow I'll be packing, and I really hope I don't forget anything for the wedding.

    I am in shock that it's already a week from tomorrow.  And I can't wait!!
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    Its going to be a busy weekend for us and next week is pretty crazy too.. Since next sat we are leaving for Florida for vacation for a week..

    Sat- helping friends move and then a bday party

    Sun- visit with a friends new baby and dinner with FI family

    and somewhere fit in errands/laundry/grocery shop/ shopping for bathing suits and summer clothes etc..

    Enjoy the nice weather Ladies!!
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    We actually have a pretty busy weekend. 

    Tonight we are going out to dinner and getting a lot of our errands done. 

    Tomorrow, while he does yardwork (digging trenches) I will probably be applying for teaching jobs and cleaning up our room.  I really don't like this fluctuating weather because I have made a mess of all my clothes trying to figure out how to dress for the day, changing a million times, and never putting them away.  Although he doesn't say it seriously, it's starting to bother him...oops!  Then we have our friend's surprise 30th birthday tomorrow night.

    Sunday, we have my cousin's daughter's baptism/celbration thing so we will be spending the day with my family.
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    My shower is tomorrow!!! I am so excited to see  a lot of my friends and family who I haven't seen in a long time! And I'm so excited to start some of the fun wedding events! It just means we are that much closer to the big day! :)
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