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Lilacs in October???

I'm currently at war with myself and can't make up my mind about when I want to have my wedding. My initial plan was to have my wedding either the first or second weekend in June because my favorite flowers are lilacs. Within the last week I have been thinking that I would also like to be married during my favorite time of the year, which is fall. I plan to have a vintage style for my wedding and cannot decide which season (spring or fall) will complement this style best. Please Help!! Also, the wedding will be in North Dakota.

Re: Lilacs in October???

  • future-mrsfuture-mrs member
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    edited December 2011
    I don't think any flower fits a season per say, but you do have to take into consideration if your flowers are out of season, they'll be very costly.  Otherwise, I think Lilacs in October would be fine, especially given your theme.
  • tldhtldh member
    edited December 2011
    Even in season, lilacs are going to be expensive.  They are my favorite flowers also and when I was pricing them, I decided that I'd cut them off my parents' lilac bush because the florist price was out there.

    As for fitting in with fall, I don't see it happening.  You're going to have rust reds, burnt oranges and deep yellows in season then.  Bright white, soft purple and pink lilacs won't fit into the time of year. 

    That's why I went in the other direction.  Here are some pics of what I did.  You may need to click on the photo to get a good look.

    I got married last week and did garlands of red, yellow and orange leaves, had bouquets of silk black eyed susan arrangements going up the banister and the bouquets were daisies and what looked like black eyed susan's with roses.

    AKA GoodLuckBear14
  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    edited December 2011

    There really isn't a "seasonal fit" for a style, unless you want something that is truly specific to a particular month (ie Xmas theme/style for December, or hayrides/cider mills for fall). You could do a vintage style any time.

    I have a garden and 6 lilac bushes. Flowers like lilacs are very season specific because they are a bush and grow when they want. This year, because we had a very warm spring, all my lilacs and lilly of the valley bloomed 2 weeks early, and I've lived here 15 years........it was the first time ever they did that! Because of that I'd think you may be disappointed if you plan on a specific flower that normally blooms in your area during a specific period.

    If you plan on real flowers, unless a florist grows in greenhouses and stunts the growth of their lilac trees, I'd think it would be impossible, or VERY expensive to get real lilacs in October. But I have seen silk lilac blooms.

    Good luck.

  • future-mrsfuture-mrs member
    Sixth Anniversary 2500 Comments
    edited December 2011
    tldh-I disagree, just because the season's typical colors are red, yellow and orange does NOT mean the wedding colors have to be that always.  I have a whole board of girls that are having Oct. '11 weddings and we have everything from pink to purples and blues to greens....

    Now Lilacs in the fall may be hard to come by and even more expensive but if she did silks, I think it would be beautiful.
  • edited December 2011
    Lilacs in October would be fine as far as I'm concerned. They will be expensive, and probably not the most beautiful lilacs you've seen if you get them out of season. You could try something else in lavendar that has a vintage feel like lisianthus, campanula (not in season, but you can still typically get them at a decent price and they'll look nice), lavendar roses (which smell so good!), caspia, wax flower, larkspur, etc.
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