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hi ladies,
maybe a slightly silly question, but i am curious about what most brides are wearing under their dresses: do you wear pantyhose with your dress or go bare legged? my wedding is labor day weekend and i don't want the extra heat of hose, and my dress has a built in corset so i don't really need the control top features. also, what kind of undergarments do people wear and where do you get them? i am very small breasted and am going to have cups sewn into my dress, so i am guessing i don't need a bra too. but i feel kind of silly that i don't really know "the rules" and so would love whatever info about those "hidden but so important features" you are willing to share!

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    I don't really think there are any "rules". Personally I am only wearing undies under my dress, because I too am having cups sewn in and I really see no need for hose with a floor length dress. I think it really depends on your dress. If it's light and clingy, you might want something like spanx to create a smoother line. If it's a big princess gown, you probably will be okay without anything else.
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    I wore a slimmer slip thingy I got at David's and even then, I took it off during the reception because it had rolled down and I just didn't care anymore at that point! Also underwear, obviously, but didn't need a bra because there was enough support in the dress.

    I'd never wear hose; it was hot enough with all of those layers and mine was in October. My birthday is Labor Day this year (and thereabouts other years) and it's usually hot, so I say less is more! 
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    I also had cups sown in to my dress.  All I wore was a Hanky Panky bride thong.  It was my something blue!
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    I agree with PPs.  All you really need is undies, it sounds like.  The cups & dress sound like they provide the modesty and support a bra would give you.  I just used a brand new pair of my favorite VS underwear (because I wasn't about to go out and spend $45 on special underwear).  I recommend the same.  

    I got married a couple weekends ago and I also second the 'less is more' with panty hose.  You won't need them.  Man, it was so hot.

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