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Finding a Very Inexpensive Venue

I am trying to find a place in Manhattan ideally that can accomodate a small group of say 40-45 people for both the ceremony, reception with dinner, dancing, and space for music. Many of the places that I have tried require a fee to rent the space then we have to get our own catering. I would like to find a place that is also wheel chair accessible for my mom and that has the food and the space in one such as a restaurant. My budgget for the food/party is around $3,000.

Does anyone know of any places like this?

Thanks Heidi

Re: Finding a Very Inexpensive Venue

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    Try Gradisca - with your size group, it's perfect for their private room w/a dance floor.  It's wheelchair accessible and the food is out of this world.  You can get a great deal for about $75 per person++

    Otherwise, your best bet is a restaurant that has weddings.  Any loft-space you look for is giong to require bringing in everything.
  • MollyMcneillMollyMcneill member
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    So the max you can spend on space/food and drinks is 60/person, less actually because you have to include gratuity and tax so more like 45 per person.  Would you consider doing a lunch?
  • JMTK611JMTK611 member
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    I would try Housing Works Bookstore on Crosby Street. We considered having our wedding there, and it was really neat. Something a little different. And they were really willing to work with out budget
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    Here are some venues worth looking into...

    City Hall Restaurant (very budget friendly)!!!lIli

    The Park

    Cellar Bar

    The Ketch
  • Roseinbloom2Roseinbloom2 member
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    I love Thalassa in the Meatpacking District.  The good is awesome and they are great with budgets.  Also, Salt (I think its in the West Village).  It's a small restaurant but the food is amazing!!
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    Bubby's in Tribeca - very near Thalassa.. check both out!
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    I'm doing 90 people for $5000 all inclusive at 107 West on the upper west side. I looked everywhere for an affordable, but lovely place where I wouldn't have to cut on any part of the standard reception. This is it.

    I elaborate more on my blog: www.foreverisntfree.blogspot.com
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