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Has anyone heard of the shower game where someone reads a story and everytime the person reading says left or right you pass a gift accordingly around the table? Usually you have one small gift per table of like 5 or so depending on how many people you have at the shower. Which ever guest has the gift at the end of the story gets to keep in. I have looked a lot online for a story to read but I seem to keep getting the same Mr. Right story and I would like to do something that is a bit different then that. 

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  • If you ready stories for a few hours you wouldn't have to worry about entertaining the guests at all--Love it!
  • When I hosted my sister's bridal shower I didn't want to make the guests do multiple games so I just planned two that didn't require everyone to get up from their seat: 1) I brought around a roll of toilet paper and asked each guest to take as much as "they thought they would need." The person that grabbed the amount that was the closest to the bride's height won a prize. 2) I played a name game with everyone where they said their name and a noun that started with the letter of their name ex. Jordan Jellybean. The first guest to name everyone's name got a prize. Then it went to presents and mini cupcakes.
  • I have been to a shower that did this and the bridal party wrote their own story about the bride and grooms relationship starting from when they met to when he proposed.  it was nice because many people didn't know alot of the romantic details that went into his proposal or the story of how they met so it was informative and fun!
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