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Have any of you done boudoir pics for your FI/DH? What was your experience like? Who did you use?

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    I did them as a gift for my H, and it was a great experience. I just used my wedding photographer (Hazlenut Photography) because I felt comfortable with her and of course liked her work.

    I was SO nervous beforehand and really questioning why I got myself into it, but Jordana really made me feel comfortable and it was actually fun. She told me exactly what to do. I got all the photos back on a disc, and I made a book on mypublisher with my favorites.

    My H was so shocked to get that gift on the wedding day! He never imagined I would do something like that, so it was fun to see his reaction.

    I would say the main thing is to find a photographer you feel really comfy with, who puts you at ease. And then pick a few good outfits and accesories, and let them show you what to do!

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    I decided to do mine with Ashleigh Taylor....she was amazing!!!! We laughed, we talked about food! She totally made me feel comfrotableLaughing

    DH was sooo shocked to see it....i would totally recommend it to any bride!
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    i was wondering about who i should go with as far as my B pictures go. My Photographers for the Wedding do not take B pictures so i need a little helping finding one who does.
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    I so want to do them but I'm nervous about it!
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