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Whats your wedding budget?

Mine is $ about you?
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Re: Whats your wedding budget?

  • $15 & I thought I would be over but I've been finding the best deals lately on everything!!
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  • I started off at 6000 but started pricing everything and set a 12000 budget. So far i think im under budget.
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  • Mine started at $ I'm at about 16ish.
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  • 12K.......hopefully i will end up under budget and not overYell
  • For FI sake I said 10 but really 12 lol.. So far im under by hoping to keep ot that way.
  • Right now mine is $15k but with all the blessings I have been getting I think I am going to be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy under!
  • Mines is 10k and I think im right on target so far.
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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:400Discussion:7915478c-fed9-4863-bbc7-22934a77bccaPost:33a35bf9-560d-4def-ac07-f204f5ee7337">Re: Whats your wedding budget?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Mines is 10k and I think im right on target so far.
    Posted by nbrown501[/QUOTE]

    I'll take that back, Im over already. Money goes so fast!
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  • 25k... i stopped looking...
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  • It was 10K, then I readjusted to 7K about 2 months ago. But as CaseynMike suggested, we may be under. 
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  • Mine is at 3K. Very Very Very Very Very small and intimate wedding! (My first wedding was big and extravagant) We are spending our $$ on the Honeymoon (Europe) and then buying furniture in our home that represents a combination of both of our styles.
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  • mines is about 15k not including the dress. I know there are so many other things that i need to do.. I need help staying under budget and finding deals..
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