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need to start

i am a very petite person. but i still have a gut and love handles. ive been exercising and eating right but nothing seems to be working! please help

Re: need to start

  • How much are you eating?  Are you exercising TOO much?  If you aren't consuming enough calories, the exercise won't do you much good.
  • i am eating plenty. i just cant seem to get rid of the extra chub!:(
  • Are you tracking calories.. on either mydailyplate or

    You need to figure out how many calories you need in a day based on your height and weight and how active you are.   I am also petite 5'1 and it recommended between 1600-1700 calories. 
    Make sure you aren't over eating.  When I first started, I would work out but then I would over eat on healthy food.  Just because it's healthy doesn't mean you won't gain weight.. it's still additional calories that your body doesn't neeed. 

    I normally have a big breakfast of egg whites and one yolk with a small amount of cheese on rye bread.. it's realy filling and won't make me splurge on lunch. 

    Always pack a lunch.  Soup and Salad are really easy to pack. 

    Become a cook in the kitchen.  Get to know fresh produce like veggies and herbs like cilantro.. We don't need to flavor our foods with cheese or unneccessary sauces.. spices and herbs can really help to flavor our foods.

    Chicken and Ground Turkey are my traditional things I always make. 

    Fish is whenever I get the chance.. and Pork is very rare.. red meats I try to stay away from though.  Although they are okay once a week in a small portion size. 

    Just look at your meals because most of it comes down to what you eat. 

    With more exercise too, the belly will shrink down.  It takes both diet and exercise
  • Ditto pp. long have you been trying to lose weight? It takes time, and you aren't goign to see the chub disappear asap. You need to be patient and continue to keep working hard at it.
  • Why not see a personal trainer?  It may help.  It did for me.
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  • i cant afford a personal trainer but i truly need to watch what i eat. i lift weights and run every other day. alternating but with the holidays coming up im not sure what to do. i will check out those websites that you mentioned and figure something out that way. i was raised in a meat and potato world and it is tough to change that, I have been working out for months and am just now noticing muscle build up.
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