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Has anyone ever been to a wedding (or better yet have pictures of a wedding) where someone used risers so that the officiant, bride and groom are raised up a bit. My parents claim that at outdoor weddings (because there is no alter like in a church) they can never actually see the bride and grom and they want to get risers. I think it would proably be fine, but I'm having trouble picturing it I guess...

Re: Risers?

  • edited December 2011
    I am getting married in a hotel ballroom and they use a small riser. It is covered with the same carpet as the flooring so you cant really tell its there but it gives us like a 4 inch boost. Not a huge difference but it should do the trick!

    Do you have any friends in construction? Maybe you can have something small built and either covered or stained? It may look really awesome stained if its outside!
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