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Cross Post: How old is too old for a flower girl?

I thought we had a flower girl lined up for next year. She's five and very sweet related to my fiance. Problem arises when one of her parents the one not related to my fiance removes said child and starts a bitter custody battle. Uhg..... So angry not because of my wedding but for the little one's sake here.

Issue is now I probably have no flower girl. My daughter will be 10 and giving me away. My friends have mostly male children. I'm now in a sticky situation of how to find a child for a flower girl. How old is too old for a flower girl so as I spend the next month reviewing who has what child I can make a new decision on who will toss the flowers. Fiance also has a family member with two girls one will be 8 and one will be 7 so I'm leaning towards that route right now.
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Re: Cross Post: How old is too old for a flower girl?

  • Under 9.  My niece will be 10 when we get married and she will be a junior bridesmaid.  her sister who will be 5 will be our  flower girl.
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  • I have a junior bridesmad my cousin she's 11 and my niece as a flower girl she's 3 (so she'll be hit or miss at the ceremony lol). They are only in my wedding because they are both very close to me and family. (1) They will be there anyway even if I enforce a no kids policy, they are family (2) I'd be taking tons of pictures with these kids anyway because we are so close so I might as well dress them up and let them feel like a part of the show.

    I say that if you have male kids in your life use them or else you'll get in that situation where the parents of the girl that you're recruiting decide that their time is better spent not attending the wedding or something... instant drama.
  • there is no need to have a flower girl especially if it is going to add un needed stress
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