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Newberry Library

I am getting married at the Newberry in September and starting to get worried about the size.  We were told that it holds 250 (which I know is crazy), so we are planning on having about 200.  Has anyone been to a wedding of 200 or more there?  What did you think about the space?  Also, what did you think about the size of the dance floor?

Re: Newberry Library

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    i'm also getting married at the newberry (in october) - i've never been to a wedding there, but from what i've heard - i'd set the max at 200 (what we're doing)...
  • duckie1905duckie1905 member
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    I've been to two weddings at the newberry.  The first was pretty small (I'd say 80 people tops).  The second had between 150-175 and, as a guest, I thought that it was pushing the limit of being crowded.
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    We had 175 at our reception at the Newberry.  It was cozy.  I think 200 is about busting Ruggles.  250 is standing room only.
  • maryl77maryl77 member
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    That's what I was worried about.  I don't know where they got 250 from.  We are not able to go below 200, so I am getting a little worried about keeping them as my venue.  
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    I would talk to them about the 200-250 numbers and see what they mean. I would think with 250 they are giving you a number that would be what they recommend for maybe corporate parties, without a dance floor. I haven't been there but the numbers could be for a room's total capacity for fire code limits and not necessarily mean it is comfortable for weddings.
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